International Student Mentor Program

The International Student Mentor Program pairs returning UNCW students with new international students. The relationship helps new international students acclimate to UNCW and provides returning UNCW students a global experience without leaving Wilmington!

UNCW Students - Request International 'Mentee'

Orientation volunteer/mentor application will be open through May 15th for Fall 2017 applicants. Space is limited to 30 volunteers.

Are you interested in assisting new international students as they become familiar with life in the U.S.? If so, you should volunteer to be an International Student Mentor!

Mentors are paired with a new international students whom they can show around Wilmington, take shopping or practice another language. Student mentors are expected to reach out to their mentees via text message, email, social media or in-person at least one time a week for the duration of the semester.

Stay tuned- the opening date and deadline for applying to be be a mentor will be announced soon.

International Students - Request U.S. Mentor

As a new international exchange student, you will be paired with a returning UNCW student who can answer your questions about student life and help show you around Wilmington! Complete the application below to and include your interests and hobbies. This will helps us pair you with a mentor that has similar interests as you.

Student mentors usually have an interest in your country of origin and/or have studied abroad themselves and know what its like to live in a foreign country. Student mentors may take students shopping, introduce new students to their friends, and in general, help new international students better understand UNCW.

Stay tuned- the opening date and deadline for applying to be paired with a mentor will be announced soon.

Questions? Contact Maria Elena Gaborov Jones at