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Exchange Student Course Registration

Exchange student course registration is not easy. But everything you need to know to successfully register for courses is provided below.

Exchange Student Registration: Fun Explanation of the Problem & Solution (PDF)

Tips for emaling professors

If you encounter a Registration Add Error, you may request a Registration Override to allow you to register for the course through mySeaport/SeaNet. Here are some tips when requesting Registration Overrides.
  • E-mail the 'Departmental Contact' who is in charge of the specific subject. If there is no specific contact listed, then email the professor who teaches the class (Professors' emails can be found in the UNCW Directory)
  • Explain why the Registration Add Error should be excused for your situation
  • Attach your home university transcript as evidence that you have met the required course background
  • Provide your UNCW ID number (850......)
  • Provide the CRN number of the course you are requesting
  • Always remain polite and respectful. Be patient if the professor is busy and takes several days to respond.
  • Once the Registration Override has been granted, follow these Instructions for modifying your class schedule using mySeaport/SeaNet (PDF).

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Special Departmental Contacts

For the subjects listed below, email the departmental contact INSTEAD of the professor (emails can be found in the UNCW Directory). If your subject isn't listed, then email the professor directly.

College of Arts & Sciences, Registration Overrides Contacts

  • COM - Dr. Steve Pullum
  • CSC or CIT - Dr. Laurie Patterson AND the professor teaching the class
  • CRW - Mr. Tim Bass
  • MAT - Dr. Zhuan Ye

Cameron School of Business, Registration Overrides Contacts

  • ACG or BLA - Dr. David Mautz
  • ECN or FIN - Dr. Nivine Richie
  • MIS, OPS or SCM - Dr. Cem Canel
  • MGT or EBD - Dr. Martha Andrews
  • MKT - Dr. Tracy Meyer

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Email Template

You may use the email template below if you are not sure how to request an override in a clear and respectful email. Substitute the words in red with your information.

Dear Professor__________,

I am an international exchange student and I want to register for your Spring semester BIO 355-001. The UNCW catalog says the class has the following restrictions: Pre-req BIO 120, restricted to BIO majors, sophomore standing.

I've attached my home university transcript which shows that I have taken the equivalent of BIO 120 at my home university, and that I am a 3rd year student.


Can you enter the necessary overrides (usually 'Override All Exc Time & Closed') so that I can register online for the class once SeaNet opens for exchange students?

Here is my information.

  • My Name: My name
  • My UNCW ID: 850******
  • Course requested: BIO 355
  • CRN: 12345

Thanks for your help!

Joe Exchange

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