Previous ESL Scholarship Recipients

Paola Torres | Spring 2019

Phuong Thao Tran (Vietnam), Lourdes González Fernández (Ecuador), Monica Paola Higuera Martin (Colombia) | Fall 2018


Sussy Navia (Ecuador), Thu Nguyen (Vietnam), Angel Galarza (Ecuador) | Summer 2018

Karina Moraes (Brazil) | Fall 2017

Claudia Maria Acero Cely (Colombia) | Spring 2016

Ece Tekin and Ryudai Tozu | Spring 2015

Ece Tekin, ESL StudentEce Tekin (Turkey): I studied Sociology, Philosophy and Family Counseling in Turkey. I plan to have a career in academia, which requires me to be fluent in English as a majority of the research resources are in English. In addition, English is considered the universal language for most people in the world and speaking it fluently would enable me to take advantage of numerous other opportunities, such as working abroad and interacting with people in my field of work in other countries. Every day I attend classes of the ESL program at UNCW makes me more fluent in English. The scholarship has helped me in many aspects. First, it has helped me to achieve my goals, and additionally to be more successful in my career.

Studying with ESL program has been one of the most interesting and significant experiences in my life. I have met instructors who are understanding, interesting and thoughtful. Also, I have many friends from different countries and cultures in the world. In addition, we have a lot of field trips in the program, which are about learning American culture, talking with conversation partners and getting to know new places.
I am thankful for this priceless experience that I have enjoyed so far in the ESL program. Upon my return to Turkey, I will be proudly sharing my experiences in the US and at UNCW.

Ryudai TozuRyudai Tozu (Japan): I really appreciate this scholarship and thank the UNCW ESL program for being able to further my studies in this country and for the opportunity to learn with such great teachers in a great atmosphere. This is an irreplaceable adventure that I know I will never forget. My objective in learning English is to become proficient enough to have a positive global impact. The longer I stay in the ESL program, the more I understand the importance of making and maintaining worldwide relationships. This opportunity has given me knowledge which I can apply to my future in volunteering with UNICEF. I have already learned much more than just a language through my experience at UNCW, I have learned a culture.

Chuang Lu and Anthonny Alvarado | Fall 2014

Chuang Lu, Anthonny Alvarado, Maike Walbrecht

Chuang Lu: I appreciate the people who helped me a lot since I first got here and taught me many things about the United States. They led me to a better path of learning English. The scholarship has helped me in many aspects: to achieve my goals of English learning and to be more successful in my life.

It was utterly helpful for me to pursue my goals. Secondly, the scholarship motivated me to challenge myself to reach a higher level in my life. Receiving a scholarship indicates that I stand out among my peers; it makes me more confident to study English industriously. The experience in the ESL program may help me to get a better career. As we know, English is the most common language in the world nowadays. Thus, having more knowledge about English and other cultures is beneficial to get a better job in my country.

Studying in the UNCW ESL program has been one of the most memorable experience in my life. I have made many friends from different countries in the world. This gave me an opportunity to know other cultures which are completely different from mine. Additionally, the teachers in the ESL program impressed me in many aspects. They are enthusiastic, thoughtful and patient. And they always give us advice about living in the U.S. and how to communicate with native speakers. The field trips we took in the program are fantastic and give us a huge amount of knowledge about American culture on the trips. I appreciate what I have experienced in the U.S. and the people who helped me to overcome the culture shock. As the ESL program says, it is a life experience!

Anthonny Alvarado: As a hard-working student, I committed myself to effectively take advantage of the opportunity that the scholarship has provided me. The UNCW ESL program has been a unique and exceptional experience that I have enjoyed. I have improved my English productively in an atmosphere of fellowship where I could freely develop my linguistic skills.

One of my goals is to attend UNCW and major in music and psychology. I started my music education in the Conservatory of Music Juan Manuel Olivares, Caracas, Venezuela, when I was sixteen years old. I focused on lyrical singing, piano, and music composition and interpretation. Nevertheless, psychology has always been one of my passions too. Combining both would give me the opportunity to help people, using music as a tool and helping to make this world a better place. I believe education is the key to success, and I try to connect my passion for music with my desire to help others.

Spending all this time in the ESL program was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Expanding my knowledge is not the only thing I like about this program. Being in touch with so many cultures and getting to know people from whole around the world is extraordinary too. It made me realize the extensive diversity of humanity and reaffirm my belief in respecting people for who they are regardless of their skin color, religion or language. Definitely, the ESL program has not only made me a better student, but also a better person.

 Dena Yusif (Iraq) | Fall 2009

Dena Yusif

Dena Yusif, from Iraq, studied psychology for 2 years before coming here. She has many interests including medicine, because she likes to help people; and business, because she would like to have her own company and help people to have work.
After the ESL Program, Dena would like to continue her studies here in the United States. She plans to attend Coastal Carolina College for two years and and then transfer back to UNCW to finish her studies because "it is perfect here". Dena hopes that she'll be somebody important one day.

 Ky The Nguyen (Vietnam) | Fall 2009

Ky The Nguyen

Ky The Nguyen, also known as "Charlie", from Vietnam, studied for three years at Can Tho university, Vietnam. His major was business administration. Now, he is very interested in international business, and hopes that he can get into UNCW to get a bachelor's degree. He believes that he will become a businessman in the future. Charlie wants to establish a Honda Motorcycle company in Vietnam and would also like to work with American's companies. Besides that, Charlie is also interested in running a business of English education in Vietnam, such as a Vietnamese-American training college.

 Adriana Meakin (Colombia) | Spring 2009

Adriana Meakin

Adriana Meakin is from Bogota, Colombia. She has a bachelor's degree in finance & international business with a minor in international & strategic management from Sergio Arboleda University of Bogota. She would like to continue her studies at UNCW towards an MBA. She hopes to put her degree, outgoing personality, and bilingual abilities to good use here in Wilmington.

 Sewoong Ban (South Korea) | Spring 2009

Sewoong Ban

Sewoong Ban, who is studying economics at the graduate school of Hongik university, has plans to run a business of English education. Then he wants to pursue a Ph.D. in the U.S. Yunjin Cho, who majored in nursing and is Ban's wife, has a plan to help with her husband's business. If there is a chance, she wants to get some nursing experience in the United States.

 Nerissa Curtis (Malaysia) | Fall 2008

Nerisa Curtis

Nerissa, who was our first student from Malaysia, planned to continue her studies at UNCW in Mathematics and Statistics after completing the ESL Program. Before coming here, she worked back home as a Center for Research Development Assistant, at Taylor's University College. Nerissa went on to a Master's Program at UNCW and is now working in the Philippines (2013).

 Kyung Hye Han (South Korea) | Fall 2008

Kyung Hye Han

Kyung Hye, who is from Korea, attends Kyung Hee University there (one of UNCW's exchange partners). Before returning there to finish her B.A. degree in Economics and Trade, she plans to do some traveling in the US and other countries. Then she'll look for a job as a financial specialist.