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  • Be 18 years of age by program start date
  • Have a basic foundation of English (will be verified through a virtual proficiency interview)
  • Completion of secondary education (US high school equivalent) 
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds to attend the program

New Student Application Process

View the Application Guide (PDF) Print for specific details and instructions. Click here for example proof of funds statement. Click here for an example financial responsibility (sponsor) letter. Note: submit the application for the term and program you would like to attend, and then pay the $100 application fee.

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Step 1: Submit the application and documents and pay application fee
Step 2: Obtain immigration approval
Step 3: Purchase health insuranceAll students must show proof of health insurance coverage.

Transfer Student Application Process (future UNCW students)

To apply to UNCW as an ELC transfer student:
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Step 1: Submit Application and Pay Application Fee

Step 2: Complete Request to Transfer to UNCW Form

Exiting Transfer Students (current UNCW students)

To Leave UNCW and begin at another school: Complete Request for Transfer from UNCW 

Mailing Documents

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Send Documents to:


English Language Center
UNCW Office of International Programs
601 South College Road
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403-5965 USA


Conditional Admission

How to Apply | Undergraduate Applicants | Graduate Applicants


The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers conditional admission to applicants who have demonstrated strong academic performance, but need additional English language preparation in order to be successful in their program of study.

Students requesting conditional admission must meet all the university’s international admission requirements except the English proficiency requirement.

Applicants who are conditionally admitted attend the UNCW English Language Center, an intensive English language program. Applicants are granted full admission to the University of North Carolina Wilmington upon successful completion of the advanced level (Level 4) of UNCW’s English Language Center.

Conditional admission is often requested by applicants who must be admitted as degree-seeking students in order to obtain a visa. Other applicants seek conditional admission so they can begin a degree program the semester immediately following completion of the advanced level of the English Language Center.

For undergraduate applicants, conditional admission does not guarantee admission into a specific degree program. Some programs require a separate and additional application in order for an application to be accepted into the specific program of study. Visit the webpage of your intended degree for more information.

Is conditional admission right for you?

  1. Do you want to enroll in a degree program at UNCW?
  2. Do you meet all of the UNCW admissions requirements except the English language requirement?
  3. Are you willing to participate in the intensive English language program offered at UNCW?

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions above, then conditional admission may be a good option for you.

How to apply

Undergraduate Applicants
  1. Complete the UNCW Application for Undergraduate Admission. Review the International Student Application Checklist to ensure you complete all requirements.
  2. After you complete the application, email International Admissions to request conditional admission.
  3. Apply to the UNCW intensive English program at the English Language Center.
  4. Email the English Language Center to notify them that you are seeking conditional admission.
Graduate Applicants
  1. Complete the UNCW Graduate School Application.
  2. After you complete the application, email Graduate Admissions to request conditional admission.
  3. Apply to the UNCW ELC Program.
  4. Email the English Language Center to notify them that you are seeking conditional admission.

Contact Information

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English Language Center
Contact: Kateryna Forynna
Undergraduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions
Contact: Ms. Kimberly Harris