International Studies

Why Major in International Studies?

  • Gain a competitive edge in the global workforce & increase relevant experiences and marketability for continuing education and careers in a global economy.
    • "We look for people that have a global mind-set," said Dan Black, the Americas director of recruiting at Ernst & Young. "It's people that are open to and excited about working with people from other cultures." NYTimes 2013/10/28
  • How does IS give you that edge and experiences? The curriculum, the language requirement, and the international experience requirement will allow you to
    • Acquire first-hand experiences with diverse cultures, peoples, and places.
    • Develop leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while framing issues in a global context.
    • Increase your language skills and fluency and enhance your skills in intercultural communication.
    • Internationalize your network of peers/colleagues.
    • Critically analyze stereotypes, generalizations, and media accounts based on first-hand information.
    • Broaden your cultural awareness, appreciation and engagement. (Your time abroad will likely also lead you to appreciate your own culture in a more sophisticated manner.)
    • Increase confidence, resourcefulness and resilience in handling dynamic situations which arise in international travel and cultural exchanges.
    • Gain a global perspective that places the United States as one player on the world stage.
    • Represent UNCW, North Carolina and the United States as an ambassador of good will.
    • Study the world, see the world!
  • How do I declare IS as a major?

Double Majoring


Because International Studies is an interdisciplinary major, many of its courses are drawn from courses with an international focus offered by other departments and schools. These courses make double majoring much easier.

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