International Studies

International Experience Requirement

Students are required to complete a 3 credit hour international experience.

  • This may be fulfilled through participation in a formal education abroad program or through foreign-based work, service, or internship activities.
    • In order to study abroad, students must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • This experience must be approved by the Chair of International Studies.
  • Academic credits earned may be applied to the requirements of the major.
  • Courses may include transfer courses, INT 294, 394, and 494, any other department's ___ 294, 394, and 494 study abroad courses.
  • ISA, UNCW’s most popular affiliated education abroad provider, offers a wide array of study abroad, international internships, and service-learning programs specifically well-suited for International Studies students. Check out these carefully selected programs for each International Studies concentration. Contact ISA today for more information!
  • International students enrolled in the North America concentration must complete an internship within North America or a directed independent study.
    • INT 491 - Directed Individual Study
    • INT 498 - Internship in International Studies