International Studies

International Education Concentration

15 credit hours are required, with a minimum of 12 hours at the 300 level or above and must include at least two INT courses. Courses must come from at least two disciplinary areas.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience with an education experience component.

Required Courses (six credit hours):

EDN 311/INT 380 Education in a Global Context

EDN 480 Exploring the Field of International Education

Concentration electives (nine credit hours):

ANT 208 Language and Culture

ANT 327 – Globalization and Culture

COM 223 – Mediation and Conflict Management

COM 344 – Intercultural Communication

EDN 310 – School-Community Relations

EDN 320 – Diverse Learners

GGY 360 – Tourism and the Environment

HEA 304 – Comprehensive School Health Education, grades K-12

HEA 320 – Foundations of Global Health

INT 331 – The Environment and Development in Africa

INT 367 – American Through Foreign Eyes

SOC 240 – Individuals and Societies in a Global World

SOC 325 – Racial and Ethnic Group Relations

SOC 347 – Sociology of Education

SOC 415 – Globalization and Development

TSL 265 – Culture, Advocacy, and Policy for ESL Teachers

TSL 401 – Teaching English as a Foreign Language