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About PhotoInternational Studies explores the place where many different disciplines intersect the world we live in. It examines political, economic, cultural, historical, social, linguistic and environmental factors that make up daily life around the world. As we try to understand and communicate with people from different countries, it is important to remember all these factors and think about they ways they work together. 

 International Studies and its interdisciplinary approach will help you contend with cultural diversity, political differences, and the impact of globalization on the world in which we live. All things local have global connections, and all things global have local ties. It is the global-local nexus the defines our world today, and which is changing dramatically in the present moment.

International Studies helps our students to gain this perspective through an interdisciplinary range of classes and a unique set of requirements. Each International Studies major or minor should undertake some sort of International experience. The department is flexible about how this experience takes place, but we feel it is an essential part of understanding International Studies. International Studies faculty come from a range of different disciplines and backgrounds, the better to impart diverse and interdisciplinary viewpoints. 

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