Institute for Interdisciplinary Identity Sciences (I3S)

The IIS group

The UNCW Institute for Interdisciplinary Identity Sciences (I3S) seeks to engage in scholarly research, teaching, and service via its endeavor to discover, expand and disseminate knowledge, innovate, and lead the application and use of the myriad theories, findings, and technologies defining the rising field of Identity Sciences.

I3S Technology Transfer Activities

The IIS Technology Transfer Team consists of Rob Hoon (University Counsel), Steve Fontana (Senior Technology Development Officer for Marine Biotechnology), Karl Ricanek (I3S Director) and Ron Vetter (Professor of Computer Science). The team met numerous times during 2010-2011 and discussed a variety of issues including the development of a licensing model for the MORPH dataset and the development of future software technologies, products and services.

Two MORPH datasets,were created: (i) a non-commercial version for sale at $99 and (ii) a commercial version with the price negotiated individually for each commercial entity.

  1. non-commercial MORPH dataset: was collected over a span of 5 years and contains 55,000 unique images of more than 13,000 individuals, spanning from 2003 to late 2007. A UNCW uStore was setup in the TouchNet information system to sell the non-commercial version of MORPH online: Non commercial version of MORPH
  2. Commercial MORPH dataset: The database was collected over a span of 10 years and contains 201,997 unique images of 40,390 subjects. Subject ages range from 15 to 78 with a median age of 30. Both datasets contain metadata in the form of age, gender, race, height, weight, and eye coordinates. For license information on commercial dataset email: (ricanekk AT uncw DOT edu)

The institute has licencsed technology for facial analytics to Facial Analytics, LLC which developed a unique solution for determining the age of a face (adult). This system is the backbone for the Face My Age web application that was launced on July 2nd 2014. The web application marries facial analytics with actuary scineces to present a novel enterprise. Face your age at


The predecssor, Face Aging Group Research Lab, has recieved more than $3 Million in research from 2003 - 2009. Since 2009 the I3S institute has received over 1.4 million dollars in funding from research grants: RESEARCH GRANTS LIST