Internal Audit

Resources and Training

Our office has moved locations from Hoggard Hall to Alderman Hall suite 201.

I. Internal Controls 101: How to Pass an Audit

Every UNCW employee plays a part in making sure the university operates effectively and efficiently in order to achieve its objectives.  Attend this course to learn about how having the proper internal controls in place can help assist your campus unit, and the university as a whole, meet its objectives.  During the course we’ll also provide an overview of the internal audit process and discuss what to do if you suspect fraud. 

This course is currently offered in two separate methods:

Finance Certificate Training Program

The course is included in the level one requirements for the Finance Certificate Training Program. If you are interested in registering for this course, please click here to access the system. An online help guide is available in the system by clicking on the question mark icon on the My Enrollments screen. A link to the guide can be found here also. Please see the upcoming class schedule below.

Upcoming Class Teams Meeting
March 3, 2021 1:00 - 2:30 PM

Dare to Learn Academy (D2LA)

This course is included in the Dare to Learn Academy training options under the title "Overview of Internal Controls (And ways they can help my department!)". Please click here to access the D2LA course catalog and register for the course. Note that attending the course on this platform will not fulfil the requirement needed for the Finance Certificate Training Program. Please see the upcoming class schedule below.

Upcoming Class Zoom Meeting

This class makes a great starting point when updating your operations or procedures, and we can also bring this training course directly to your department. Contact Shelley Morris at to schedule a time for us to attend your department meeting or retreat.

II. Internal Controls Checklist

Complete the Internal Controls Checklist to help determine the state of your department's internal controls. Many items on the checklist are included in our audit process. Once the checklist is complete, feel free to contact our office with any questions.

III. 2019 Fraud Forum Presentation

In June 2019, the Office of Internal Audit conducted a fraud risk assessment. As part of the risk assessment, fraud forums were held with representatives across the University in attendance. The fraud forum presentation is a great resource for learning about the different types of fraud that could occur on campus, red flags for fraud, and how to report fraud. We would be happy to bring this presentation to your department to provide additional information at your request.

IV. UNCW Compliance Offices

There are numerous offices at UNCW with compliance roles. Some include: