Department of History


Wondering about the experiences and benefits of being a History major or minor?

Here are some good reasons to study history at UNCW

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The History degree can be completed in 40 credit hours, making it an excellent choice for students who wish to complement their history studies with coursework in another major such as International Studies and Political Science. The requirements for the History major also make it easy to accommodate study abroad and internship credits, or to complete minors.

Breadth and Variety:

The History program supports a broad globalized curriculum and range of learning experiences. The department continues to diversify its offerings and has pioneered new team-taught courses within the department and with other departments, including English, Marketing, and Geography.

Students can enroll in an internship or study abroad program, conduct independent research in a small seminar or individually under the direction of a professor, or join a small group of students and professors in a course designed to focus intently on a specific historical topic.

Quality, Personal Attention, and Value:

Nearly all teaching in the department is done by full time, tenure track faculty. This ensures quality course offerings from faculty who are influencing scholarship and invested in the institution and its students. The faculty is committed to cultivating the kind of undergraduate experience that is generally associated with a small liberal arts institution, including access to small classes and to professors who are dedicated teachers and scholars. The department's annual survey of our graduating majors consistently shows how much our students value the high quality of teaching in their History courses.

The History major offers students the opportunity to study a subject they love while honing those skills most valued by employers as well as graduate and professional programs, including business and law. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, research, and effective communication skills. As part of their program of study, History majors are encouraged to pursue "beyond the classroom" experiences that offer them valuable opportunities to demonstrate and reflect on their abilities to think independently and creatively.