Department of History

Minor in Medical Humanities

Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Studies_of_the_foetus_in_the_womb.jpgThe History Department offers a minor in Medical Humanities, which focuses on exploring health and healthcare delivery in their cultural, historical, aesthetic, and political contexts. The minor is designed to allow students a number of different ways to explore health and healthcare through a variety of disciplines. If you plan accordingly, many of these classes can count towards university studies requirements or degree requirements depending on your major.

If you would like more information on Medical Humanities, or would like help in discussing how you might include the minor in your studies while at UNCW, please contact Professor Nathan Crowe.

Minor requirements (19 hours):


  • HON 120-320 - Medical Humanities (1 credit)
One course from the following (3 credits):
  • HST 205 – History of Science I: Antiquity to the Scientific Revolution or
  • HST 206 – History of Science II: Rise of Modern Science or
  • HST 210 – History of Medicine
AND (3 Credits)
  • PAR 215 - Bioethics


Students are required to take at least 3 credits from each of the following two designations: 1) Psychosocial dimensions of health and caregiving and 2) Bio-cultural dimensions of environment, health and caregiving. The final 6 credits can be from any of the categories as well as an additional set of classes. Other courses that have relevant themes, particularly rotating or special topics courses such as HON 210 and department seminars, can be counted with administrator approval. At least 6 hours need to come from 300/400 level classes.

Psychosocial dimensions of health and caregiving (choose at least 1 course from the following)

  • ECN 327 Health Economics (Prereq: ECN 125 or ECN 221)
  • PSY 257 Evolutionary Psychology (Prereq: PSY 105 and BIO 105)
  • PSY 271 Psychology of Human Diversity (Prereq: PSY 105)
  • PSY 352 Health Psychology (Prereq: PSY246 or PSY264 AND PSY105)
  • SOC 220 Sociology of Death and Dying
  • SOC 337 Medical Sociology (Prereq: SOC 105)
  • COM 226 Health Communication (Prereq: COM 105)

Bio-cultural dimensions of environment, health and caregiving (choose at least 1 course from the following)

  • ANT 303 Culture and Gender
  • ANT 309 Environmental Anthropology
  • ANT 320 Human Origins (Prereq: ANT 210)
  • ANT 324 Human Biological Variation (Prereq: ANT 210)
  • ANT 325 Human Growth and Development (Prereq: ANT 210)
  • ANT 329 Environmental Justice Ethnography
  • ANT 331 21st Century Foragers
  • ANT 346 Medical Anthropology
  • ANT 460 Public Health and Poverty
  • GRN 101 Introduction to Gerontology
  • PBH 105 Explorations in Public Health
  • PBH 290 Foundations of Public Health

Other electives may include:

  • CHHS 205 Introduction to Health and Human Services
  • HST 329 History of Science and Technology in the Modern World
  • PAR 345 Philosophy of Science
  • PAR 364 Religious Views of Death and Dying
  • PAR 410 Human Rights
  • WGS 212 Sexuality and Gender

Total: 19 hours

Additional Information:
A “C” (2.00) average is required of all courses counted toward the minor. Students should contact the coordinator for a list of current designated courses.