Department of History

The HistoryGraduation Major

The History Department offers a B. A. in History. Students who maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA can also pursue departmental honors. The requirements for these programs of study are outlined below. You can also find this information in the University Catalog.

Requirements for the B.A. in History (40 hours):

Overall Requirements:

  • 16 hours of core classes (HST 101 - HST 249 and HST 290) 
  • 24 hours of advanced classes (HST 250 - HST 400s)
  • An overall "C" (2.00) average is required in History courses applied toward the major, and a grade of "C-" or better is required in each course applied toward the major

Core Classes (16 hours):

  • At least one general survey course focusing on each of these geographical areas:
    • Global
    • Europe
    • United States
  • At least one survey course covering the period before 1500
  • 12 hours from HST 101 - HST 249; only 6 hours of which may come from HST 200 - HST 249
  • HST 290: The Practice of History

    Survey Courses

    HST 101 - Western Civilization I
    HST 102 - Western Civilization II
    HST 205 - History of Science I: Antiquity to the Scientific Revolution
    HST 206 - History of Science II: Modern Science

    HST 103 - Introduction to Global History 1500-1848
    HST 104 - Introduction to Global History Since 1848
    HST 207 - Jewish History to 1492
    HST 208 - Jewish History from 1492 to the Present

    HST 105 - United States to 1865
    HST 106 - United States from 1865 to Present
    HST 204 - Women in Modern America
    HST 209 - African-American History
    HST 250 - History of North Carolina Indians

    HST 101 - Western Civilization I
    HST 205 - History of Science I: Antiquity to the Scientific Revolution
    HST 207 - Jewish History to 1492

Advanced Coursework (24 hours)

  • Includes at least one HST 250 - HST 400 level course from each of the following 3 groups:
    • Europe
    • U. S.
    • Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East
  • Includes 6 hours at the HST 400 seminar level (excluding HST 491 and HST 498). No more than 6 hours of HST 491 and HST 498 can be counted toward the major. Students completing departmental honors in history may apply 3 hours of HST 499 towards the 400 level seminar requirement.
  • Only 6 hours of HST 250 - HST 289 or HST 291 or HST 295, may be counted toward fulfillment of 24 hour requirement.

A list of the current history courses (not including trial courses) can be found in the  online undergraduate catalogue under "course descriptions."

Departmental and University Honors:

The Department of History offers a program leading to the BA in History "with honors in the department." Participation in the departmental honors program requires that a student maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA. Successful completion and defense of the honors thesis before a faculty examining committee, in addition to the 3.3 cumulative GPA, will earn departmental honors upon graduation.

Students pursuing departmental honors complete 6 credit hours of HST 499, which is normally taken in their senior year (3 credits in the fall, 3 credits in the spring) under the direction of a department faculty member. Students may apply 3 hours of HST 499 toward the major's 6 hour research seminar requirement. For additional important information about departmental honors, see the University departmental honors requirements page.

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