Department of History

Applied Learning Opportunities

What is applied learning and why is it a valuable component of the 21st century student's university training? Applied learning projects and experiences give students the chance to take the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom and apply them in other learning environments. Such experiences allow students to explore career options, become acquainted with other cultures, develop leadership skills, and demonstrate their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Multiple surveys of today's employers confirm that they are seeking individuals who have taken the initiative to expand the boundaries of their university experience through the incorporation of applied learning activities, including internships and study abroad. Sludds_ResearchPoster

The History program provides our majors with multiple means of pursuing independent research and study beyond the UNCW classroom. These options include:

  • HST 400s Research Seminar

  • HST 291 Directed Research Assistantship

  • HST 491 Directed Independent Study

  • HST 498 Internship. Contact Prof. David La Vere for information about our program.

  • HST 499 Honors project

  • Study Abroad. For further information about UNCW foreign study programs, go here and here.

  • Class trips to historic sites

  • Department sponsored annual trip to the National Archives. Students may apply for travel funds to support their research through the Martha J. Clayton and Neal/McCaffray Funds. See our Scholarship and Awards page for more details.

Pictured: History major Amelia Sludds presenting her research at the North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS)