Department of History

 Congratulations to our 2020 Spring and Summer graduates!




American Historical Association Graduation Speeches to the Class of 2020  

Lonnie G. Bunch III is the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

Dr. Mary Lindemann, current president of the American Historical Association, is professor of history and chair of the Department of History at the University of Miami.






B.A. in History


Kathryn Fulton


"I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there is purpose and worth to each and every life"- Ronald Reagan


  • Hometown: Jackson, NJ
  • UNCW highlights: Internship at Brock and Scott, PLLC; recipient of the Alfred and Anita Schnog Travel Award for Holocaust Studies
  • Favorite area of study: US History- Reconstruction era 
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: What I appreciate the most about being a history major is the analytical and critical thinking skills I have gained. 
    • attained Dean's List every semester
    • member of the history honor society
    • member of the political science honor society
    • Dixon award finalist in the PLS department
  • Future plans: law school


Robert Gunter


"Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages."-Letter from George Washington to Major General Philip Schuyler 20 August, 1775


  • Studies beyond the UNCW classroom: I served in the USAF during the first Gulf War. I was deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1990 thru to 1991. I was a part of history then and being so young, I did not give it a second thought. When I took United States and Middle Eastern Foreign relations under Dr. Fain, it made events much easier to understand and how complex our mission really was.
  • Favorite area of study: That is a difficult question. I love United States History in total but then I would have to subdivide it into three fields of study: United States diplomatic, economic and military history. The three are my passions.
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: Having a degree was always a part of my plan. What I did not plan upon was getting derailed for twenty-eight years. Life got in the way and a different set of priorities and challenges rose up before me but in the end, I got it. I just kept chipping away at it until I finished. Now, when I talk about history, I have a little muscle! The reason I chose history was as natural as drinking water. There is always something pulling me back towards the the past. When I visit the most sacred sites in United States history, the feeling I get from it always confirms that this is my passion. The skill acquired by having a history degree I most appreciate is the ability to engage in conversation with anyone or about anything. Having gained vast amounts of historical knowledge through disciplined study or on my own, I find that I am able to establish common ground with anyone and have a deep understanding of all points of view concerned.


Kyle McGovern


“It seems to me that the true duty of each person lies in this very simple line of conduct: to work honestly, to cause sorrow to none, to help when we have a chance, and to come to the aid of the poor and suffering.” – Emile Guillaumin


  • Hometown: I am originally from Woodbridge, Virginia, but travelled as a military child and am most recently from Swansboro, North Carolina.
  • UNCW highlights: I was a member of the UNCW Men’s Soccer Team all four years and served as the Student Athlete Advisory Committee President, a role that serves as a connection between the students and staff of the Athletic Department. In the Spring of 2019, I received funding from the Neal and Clayton funds for independent research. I visited Washington, DC to collect sources at the National Archives that supported a research paper I was writing and presented at the African and African American Diaspora Conference in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
  • Favorite area of study: My favorite area of study was 20th Century US History, especially throughout the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. 
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: I chose to become a history major because I have always been fascinated by the past and how it guides our future. I was recently awarded the Senior Medallion Award for distinguished academic achievement, leadership, community service, and an exceptional representation of the university.
  • Future plans: After graduation, I plan to go on a road trip through the east coast and then visit friends in Atlanta and Seattle. This fall I will begin my M.A. in History here at UNCW.


Chalmers Middleton


"Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!" - Augustus Caesar

  • Hometown: Matthews, NC
  • UNCW highlights: I recieved the Wade Scholarship for History.
  • Favorite area of study: American Political History 
  • Future plans: I will be moving to Columbia to pursue a legal education at the University of South Carolina School of Law.


Zack Moncrieff


"You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal."- The Breakfast Club


  • Hometown: I was born in Mooresville, NC but I moved a bunch from NC, FL, VA, and MN.
  • Future plans: My plan for the future is to find a good paying job.


Johnathon Mullins


“Never tell me the odds.” – Han Solo


  • Hometown: Savannah, GA
  • Favorite area of study: My favorite area of study ends up being history, but not the conventional history courses- I enjoy classes that teach me things most don’t know like the history course in Superhumans, Animals, and Jewish humor. Classes like these allowed me to learn that history has more aspects to it than just the standard idea of history that many have.
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: The reason I enjoy being a history major is the fact that it has allowed me to learn and become an expert on any subject I am interested in. I could learn about subjects that I would have never thought I could have learned about in an academic setting, whether it is the history of Animals, Economics, War, or just different groups of people. In pursuing my degree, I’ve learned about a lot more than just history. 
  • Future plans: This summer I will be taking Graduate courses at Chapel Hill in Digital Curation.


Chris Norris


“Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.”- Albert Einstein


  • Hometown: Salisbury, NC
  • UNCW highlights: During the Fall semester of 2019, I interned at the Wilmington District Attorney’s Office.
  • Favorite area of study: My favorite area of study was United States History, specifically the origins of the New Right Movement.
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: I decided to become a history major after Dr. Fonvielle’s Civil War class Freshman year. I appreciate the writing skills I learned from my history classes, specifically HST 290 and HST 442 with Dr. Gisolfi. I also appreciate the concern and interest each history professor had during my four years as a history major.
  • Future plans: After graduation, I plan to take a gap year and then attend law school.


Jack Paynter


"The winner ain't the one with the fastest car; it's the one who refuses to lose."-Dale Earnhardt

  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC
  • Favorite area of study: American History, specifically involving the Civil War
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: I've always loved history since as far back as I can remember, so studying history once I got to college just felt natural.
  • Future plans: I will be starting graduate school here at UNCW in the Fall pursuing a Master's in Public History.


Thomas Thompson


"The truth is, of course, is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time." - David Bowie

  • Hometown: Oxford, NC
  • UNCW highlights: I held an internship at the Bellamy Mansion.
  • Favorite area of study: Global History
  • Future plans: The plan is to try and find a job. I will be taking some time off from college for a bit and want to come back to get my master's degree.





M.A. in History


Carter Brown


"Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum"


  • Hometown: Wilmington, NC but my father was in the Coast Guard, so my childhood was divided among the East, West, and Gulf coasts of the US
  • UNCW highlights: Internship at the Cape Fear Museum, TA in the History Dept., Graduate Assistant in the WSRC, received departmental grants
  • Favorite area of study: Women’s History
  • Reasons for becoming a history major: My undergrad studies (also at UNCW) were in Studio Art and Art History. As an artist I have always had an interest in historic objects and material culture. I chose to major in Public History with the intention of working in museum collections. While in the master’s program at UNCW, I was invited to join the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society.
  • Future plans: Following graduation from the History department, I will be finishing my Masters in Liberal Studies and Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. I should complete that program in 2021.
The Department of History is pleased to announce its Spring 2020 graduation winners
Moseley Award for an engaged student interested in U.S. history: Abigail Grise
Clark Award for an engaged student interested in global history: Micah Chandler
Calhoun Prize for the best seminar paper written each semester: Robert Blount
Bredbenner Award for the best HST 290 paper: Gannon Millsaps