Department of History

Funding and Support

The History Department does its utmost to provide its graduate students with financial support during their time at UNCW. This is constrained by the resources with which it is endowed from year to year. Financial assistance takes a number of forms:

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Fourteen entering and second-year graduate students are awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantships for four semesters each. GTAs work closely with regular faculty members to prepare, administer, and teach the undergraduate survey courses in U.S., European, and Global History. Two of these GTAs, most often those in the Public History concentration, may be assigned to work in the Special Collections section and Archives of the William Madison Randall Library.

Out-of-State Tuition Remissions

Each year the department is able to offer four two-year tuition remissions to non-North Carolinians. These remissions permit these graduate students to pay tuition at in-state rates for their duration. Each remission is accompanied by one of the existing Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Tuition Scholarships

The History Department is able to offer many students modest Graduate Tuition Scholarships, usually in the hundreds of dollars, at the discretion of the department's Graduate Coordinator and subject to availability.

History Department Named Scholarships

The Department awards several named scholarships annually to entering first year graduate students, including:

  • The Charles Green, Jr. Scholarship
  • The Tryone Rowell Scholarship
  • The Susan Stern Scholarship
  • The Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship
  • The Historic Wilmington Foundation Scholarship
  • The Boney-Bellamy Mansion Fellowship in History
  • The Hurston-Mora Scholarship

For more information, contact the department's Graduate Coordinator, Dr. W. Taylor Fain

Support for Research and Conference Travel

The History Department strongly encourages its graduate students to pursue research in archival and historical collections outside Wilmington and to present their scholarship at gatherings of professional historians. Consequently, the department does its best to defray the expenses of student travel to archives and conferences in North Carolina, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Students may apply for monies from the department's Neal-McCaffray and Clayton funds to offset the cost of research travel. This may be awarded at the discretion of the department chair, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator. The UNCW Graduate Student Association and the office of the Dean of the Graduate School may also provide some money to cover travel expenses. In the case of international travel, students may approach the university's Office of International Programs to provide some monies.