Department of History

LavereDavid La Vere, Professor


  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University (1993)
  • M.A., Northwestern State University (La.), (1989)
  • B.A. Northwestern State University (La.), (1982)



Academic Interests

David La Vere is an ethnohistorian and the author of seven books on American Indian history. Currently, he teaches and researches on Southeastern Indians, especially those of the Carolinas. In the past, he has written extensively on Southern Plains and Texas Indians.

Courses Taught

  • HST 105: U.S. History to 1865
  • HST 336: American Indian History to 1900
  • HST 337: American Indian History since 1900
  • HST 338: North Carolina Indian History


Significant Publications

  • The Tuscarora War: Indians, Settlers and the Fight for the Carolina Colonies. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2013.
  • The Lost Rocks: The Dare Stones and the Unsolved Mystery of Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony. Wilmington, N.C.: Burnt Mill Press, 2010.
  • Looting Spiro Mounds: An American King Tut's Tomb. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 2007.
  • The Texas Indians. Texas A&M University Press, 2004
  • Contrary Neighbors: The Southern Plains and the Removed Indians in Indian Territory. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2000.
  • The Caddo Chiefdoms: Caddo Politics and Economics, 700 A.D. to 1835.  University of Nebraska Press, 1998.
  • Life Among the Texas Indians: The WPA Narratives. Texas A&M University Press, 1998.