Department of History

The UNCW History Department

UNCW History faculty and students strive to form a vibrant learning community. To understand us, you have to see some of the forms that community takes, and some of the best work it does. Explore the teaching, research and service efforts we highlight here. There are always new ideas about the past, and new ways to work together to think about them and enrich our understandings of what the past means.

Seminars and Research Methods Classes

Fonville_CanonOur undergraduate offerings in HST 290 and at the 400-level are the critical experiences for our undergraduates. In small seminars capped at 12 students, faculty and students explore history in and historical research in topically-focused research and reading courses. Recent topics have included the First World War, the history of fascism and anti-fascism, global commodities, the Indian Wars, Revolution in the Middle East, and Modern Ireland, and the Harlem Renaissance, among others.

Small Reading Colloquiums

SmallReadingIn HST 395, small groups of students and faculty read and write around a shared topic and a set of historical questions, engaging closely with historical writing and growing as readers and as historical thinkers. Recent topics have included The British Empire, Magic, Science and Witchcraft, and Command and Leadership.

Team-taught Global Topics Course

TeamTaughtThese are classes that are co-taught by faculty members who look at a topic from their own angle and teach a larger group of students together, sharing insights, overlapping perspectives, and bringing home the complexity of historical events that changed the world. Recent topics include the Age of Napoleon, Decolonization, World War II, and the Cold War.

Online Graduate Master's Degree for Working Educators

OnlineEducatorsThis innovative program brings our faculty experts together with working history educators one course at a time online, and in intensive summer institutes, all designed to build content knowledge and feed educator's own love of history.

Talking History!

HarrisIn a typical year, history faculty offer more than fifty public talks all around the Cape Fear region and across the state, on subjects of mutual interest. Last year, department faculty spoke to thousands of people in the region, on subjects like Women in Africa, the history of African Americans in Education, the Civil War in the Cape Fear Region, Irish immigration, the "Lost Colony," and many other subjects of mutual interest. We love bringing the university and our expertise to the public, and sharing our passion for the past.