Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Why Participate?

Developing Innovators and Creative Thinkers with Like-Minded Peers

The Chancellor’s High School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will challenge students to work with like-minded thinkers to develop creative and innovative solutions to solve real-world problems.

Supporting Teamwork and Leadership

Behind every great team and idea are quality leaders and a commitment to teamwork. The Chancellor’s High School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is no exception. It allows students to demonstrate teamwork and leadership competencies as they develop their entrepreneurial ideas.

Building Knowledge of Lean Start-Up

Students will engage in a curriculum that enhances their knowledge of entrepreneurship with a focus on lean startup. Students will have an opportunity to apply and demonstrate this knowledge through the Chancellor’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Recognition and Preparation for Your Future

Winners will be awarded cash prizes. This competition is an opportunity for students to develop skills that will contribute to their future success. Win or lose, this unique experience will be a valuable part of any resume or college application.