Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Educational Resources

...for High School Students

These resources are used to provide a quick reference for working on your business plan and presentation. 

How to Write an Executive Summary

Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck 

How to Give the Perfect Pitch:

Winning Ways to Present with Confidence

How to Draw a Business Model Canvas?

Storyboard of The Lean Startup:

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries:

University of Delaware's Diamond Challenge Entrepreneurship Video Series for High Schools

From Idea to Action

Venturing for Good

Educational Resources

...for Mentors and Advisors 

Dr. Craig Galbraith of the Cameron School of Business created a two-part series to aid in the role mentors and advisors play with their student teams. 

Part 1: Entrepreneurial Opportunity Identification

Part 2: Presenting the Commerical Concept