Human Resources

Preferred Name Approval Process

Standard Operating Procedures

Version Date: May 2021


Employees may request an update to their preferred name (first name, last name), however they must comply with the following guidelines:

  • The requested name must be in good taste and business-appropriate
  • Does not contain inappropriate or offensive language/meaning
  • Should not violate any university regulation, policy, or law
  • The name should not include any symbols or numbers
  • Preferred last names are approved on a limited basis and must reflect some reasonable justification
  • Preferred last names must receive final approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Note: University of North Carolina Wilmington reserves the right to decline or revoke an approved Preferred Name (first name, last name) if it is used for criminal purposes or misrepresents the university’s reputation or interests in any way.

Approval Process

  • An employee may update a preferred first name by updating personal information via SeaNet.
  • An employee may request a preferred last name by entering a request via the DocuSign request form. Preferred last names are approved on a limited basis and should be based on some reasonable justification such as use of a professional name that is different from the legal name, such as a maiden name. The reason for the request is to be submitted when submitting the form.
  • All requests are routed to Human Resources for final approval.
  • When requests to update or change a preferred last name are submitted, the preferred last name will be visible upon final approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.


DocuSign Request Form