Human Resources

UNCW is Borrowing Agency - Dual Employment

When is UNCW the "borrowing" agency?

If an employee of a state agency other than UNCW provides services for UNCW, UNCW is the “borrowing agency”. 

Before dual employee provides services to UNCW

If the dual employee is being reimbursed for travel expenses or UNCW is prepaying local lodging or airfare, the following should be completed prior to the dual employee providing services to UNCW:

  1. Complete and submit the New Vendor Set Up form if the dual employee has never been a vendor, student or a previous employee of UNCW (i.e. does not have an 850xxxxxx ID#)
  2. Create and submit a Pre-Approval in Chrome River for the dual employee’s travel expenses and/or prepayments
    • NOTE: Choose “Non-Employee Travel” as the report type

After dual employee provides services to UNCW

After the dual employee has completed their services to UNCW, please complete the following steps:

Step One:

Fill out the CP-30 Dual Employment Certification Form, Section I. See below for detailed instructions on filling out this form.

Upper left quadrant of the form:

  • Name of Agency: UNC Wilmington
  • Rate and Time if appropriated: Hourly rate and number of hours worked (if not paying a lump sum) 
  • Agency code and Subhead: UWI6060
  • Signature of Contracting Agency Official: The Budget Authority of the fund being used to pay the dual employee

Upper right quadrant of the form: 

  • Salary for service: Gross wages for services provided (do not include any travel  expenses)
  • Travel: Travel expenses incurred by dual employee (does not include meal per diem).  Travel is reimbursed directly to the dual employee via Non-Employee Travel reimbursement request and supported by receipts (see instructions below)
  • Subsistence: State per diem for allowable meals and reimbursed directly to dual employee
  • Gross due Employee: Total of “Travel” and “Subsistence”
  • Matching Retirement: Leave blank
  • Matching Social Security: The borrowing agency must remit the employer portion of FICA taxes when paying the parent agency for their employee. This rate is currently 7.65% or .0765. Multiply .0765 and “Salary for service” and enter that amount on this line. For example, if the dual employee is receiving $1,000 for his services, UNCW will remit a total of $1,076.50 to the parent agency. $1,000 for services rendered and $76.50 for the 7.65% FICA tax.
  • Indirect Expense: Leave blank
  • Direct Cost: Leave blank
  • Total Payment Due Parent Agency: Total of “Salary of service” and “Matching Social Security”. This is the amount entered on the check request to the parent agency.

Step Two:

Create and submit an AP Check Request in Chrome River for payment to parent agency (the agency that employs the dual employee)

  • Check should be payable to the parent agency 
  • The amount is the “Total Payment Due Parent Agency” on CP-30 form
  • Use account code 921940 Dual Employment
  • Upload a copy of the completed CP-30 and indicate that a copy should also be included with the payment

Step Three:

Create and submit a Travel Expense Report in Chrome River to reimburse the dual employee for travel expenses

  • Choose “Non-Employee Travel” report type
  • Choose the mosaic “expense tiles” related to the travel expenses being reimbursed to the dual employee
  • Upload required receipts
  • Upload a copy of the completed CP-30

If you have questions about completing Section 1 of the CP-30, please contact Joanne Ferguson.

If you have questions about reimbursing or prepaying travel expenses, please contact Sandy Gladden.