Human Resources

Reporting & Data

Standard HR reports are located on the UNCW SSRS portal. The SSRS Report Manager is a Web-based interface that provides user-level access to reports. One’s individual security access predetermines which folders are shown.

How to Access an SSRS Report

  1. To access the SSRS Web Reports portal, open a browser of your choosing (Internet Explorer is strongly recommended) and navigate to, or navigate to the UNCW Faculty & Staff web page and select “SSRS Web Reports.”

  2. To execute a report, click on the appropriate folder, followed by the name of the report. If a username prompt appears, then enter your reporting database credentials.

  3. Some reports will not generate until you enter the required parameters. For example, for a report requesting a Fiscal Year, type the fiscal year value in the box and then click the "View Report" button. The report generates with the output displayed on your screen. Depending on the amount of data that is being processed, the report may take several minutes or just a few seconds to execute.

  4. If desired, you can choose to export your data. To do so, simply select the appropriate format from the “Export" drop down menu.

If you experience issues with reports located in the HR Campus folder or a subscription with HR data, please contact Kirk Radabaugh at

Report or Data Requests

To request data or a standard report from HR, please submit a report request:

Report Request