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Flexible Furlough

Governor Beverly Perdue signed an executive order on April 28th requiring furloughs of all state employees. This action includes all university personnel regardless of the funding source. The Governor's action aims to ensure that the state of North Carolina will have a balanced budget on June 30, 2009.

All teachers' and state employees' compensation will be reduced by an amount equivalent to 0.5% of their annualized base salary over the remainder of the fiscal year. Full time leave earning employees can take 10 hours flexible time off between May 15 and December 31, 2009. Non-full time employees can take a pro-rated portion of flexible time off.

After reviewing several options and getting feedback from hundreds of employees on campus, it has been decided to provide faculty and staff full flexibility for scheduling the time off and not to designate a single closing day. Although there will be no energy savings, this does mean that each employee will have the flexibility to schedule their own time off. Furlough time off can be scheduled with supervisory approval from now through December 31. The university closes for winter break and requires three days of vacation leave; some individuals may wish to save their furlough time for then.

Each supervisor has to approve furlough time between now and December 31. In order to honor the flexibility spirit that the governor stated, each supervisor is strongly encouraged to approve furlough leave at times as requested by the employees.

We have developed this website in order to provide as much information as we know when we know it and will continue to update this site as guidance becomes available. Please see the links below for further information.

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