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Are you hiring temporary employees for a summer camp, program or workshop?

Click here for guidelines and pay methods for hiring temporary employees for summer camps, programs or workshops.

Human Resources has implemented an online process, HR-Online, for departments to key in assignments for temporary SHRA and EHRA employees. Departments can enter information on their temporary employee into the system, select the appropriate work title and pay rate from the list and input the expected duration of employment. Once the assignment has been entered, a form will be electronically routed via e-mail for approval. The information will be transmitted into Banner for pay purposes. You can access the SHRA application, I-9 form, and both federal and state withholding forms below. Green timesheets will still need to be manually completed and sent to Payroll to generate a paycheck for actual hours worked. Individuals in your department responsible for coordinating temporary employees should attend HR-Online training to become familiar with the process.

Please keep the following in mind when hiring temporary employees:

  • Temporary employees with regular, direct and unsupervised contact with students or minors must have a criminal background check completed prior to receiving an offer of employment. Please click here to view the Criminal Background Check policy.
  • You will need to budget for 7.65% above the hourly rate to cover social security.
  • Temporary employees in non-exempt assignments are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and are entitled to overtime payments for hours worked over 40 per week.
  • Temporary employees are limited to an assignment length not to exceed twelve months; however assignments may only be entered online in six-month increments. If you anticipate your need will last beyond six months, contact Human Resources for advice in establishing a time-limited position with applicable benefits.
  • Temporary employees may be eligible for unemployment compensation when their assignment ends. If a temporary employee leaves for reasons other than a lack of funding or end of assignment, please document or obtain a letter of resignation. When a temporary employee is awarded unemployment insurance, the Employment Security Commission will bill the university approximately two years from the time the individual filed their claim.
  • Temporary employees are covered under worker's compensation.
  • If you decide to use an outside temporary agency, you must coordinate it through Purchasing Services. Be aware that temporary agencies will charge a fee in addition to the hourly rate and social security contribution. You will not, however, be responsible for unemployment insurance or worker's compensation coverage.
  • Please remember that temporaries paid through a federal contract must be paid at least $10.10/hr.

SHRA Temporary Work Descriptions and Corresponding Pay Rates

To view approved SHRA temporary employee work descriptions and their associated pay rates, please click here. If you do not see a work description that fits your needs, please send an e-mail request for a pay rate review to Val Heil including a description of the duties, requested pay rate, and any associated labor market considerations. Please note such pay rates may not be offered to an individual without prior approval from Human Resources.

EPAF/FLAC Training

For more information, please search in the Dare to Learn Academy Training

Checklist for hiring a temporary EHRA Employee

Click for the Checklist for hiring a temporary EHRA employee (pdf)

Checklist for hiring a temporary SHRA Employee

Click for the Checklist for hiring a temporary SHRA employee (pdf)

Related forms for hiring a temporary EHRA or SHRA Employee

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Instructions for completing I-9 form

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Ethnicity and Race Identification Form

SHRA Temporary Application online at

Temporary Applicant Pool

Human Resources maintains an applicant pool for temporary employment. If you would like to view applications from the temporary pool, please contact Val Heil.