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Return to Campus Safety Training

Return to Campus Safety Training

As staff, faculty and students return to campus, UNCW's number one concern is the health and well-being of our community. To ensure that you do your part as a member of the Seahawk community, please complete the following online training prior to returning to campus:

Complete Required Safety Training in Vivid Learning

Course 1:  Pandemics: Slowing the Spread

In this course, you will learn actions you can take to slow down the transmission of a pandemic virus, what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming infected with and transmitting cold and influenza viruses, as well as actions to take if you become infected. Specifically, you will learn about the coronavirus, symptoms of the COVID-19 strain, and what you should do if you feel sick.

Average Completion Time:  15-20 minutes

Course 2:  Cold, Flu, and Transmissible Illness Prevention

In this course, you will learn actions you can take to prevent contraction of and transmission of cold and influenza viruses, as well as actions to take if you become infected.

Average Completion Time:  5 minutes

Vivid Learning Instructions

How to Access Training in Vivid Learning:

  1. Login to MySeaport: 
  2. Click Administrative Services tab at top of page
    (if you're a student worker, click Student Services)
  3. Click UNCW EH&S Vivid Learning Access under the Services tab
    (for students, the link is listed as Environmental Health & Safety VividLMS
  4. Click Acknowledged on the Welcome! screen
  5. Both courses are listed under  Optional Training. Click Start to launch each course.

Watch UNCW's Face Covering Tutorial

In this 3-minute video tutorial, join EH&S Safety & Accessibility Specialist David Todd for a brief overview on face mask and face covering best practices. 

Video Time: 3 minutes

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