Human Resources

Class & Comp Action Priorities

Our team uses the action priority guideline listed below to prioritize our work. All are in order recieved. 

  • Priority 1: New/Exisiting Positions for Recruitment, Interim Increases, Grant Funded positions
  • Priority 2: Reclassifications, Market Adjustments, Equity Adjustments, Conversions, Supervisor updates 
  • Priority 3: Working Title changes, FTE changes, Position Description Updates

*If there is an issue that is mission-critical and needs escalation, please contact your C&C Consultant directly to let us know. We will make every effort to address it quickly (if possible). 

NOTE: This prioritization process applies to all of campus. Our deck reshuffles all day, every day as a result of the high volume of actions coming in daily. We appreciate your patience.