Human Resources

Who Do I Call?

For SHRA and EHRA non-faculty positions, our Classification & Compensation Consultants each serve a different area of campus. Use the list below to identify YOUR consultant.

  • Academic Affairs
    Academic Affairs
    Department Consultant
    Academic Affairs Provost  Fran Hewett
    Admissions  Fran Hewett
    Assessment  Fran Hewett
    Cameron School of Business Fran Hewett
    Center for Marine Science Danielle Aldrich
    College of Arts & Sciences Danielle Aldrich
    College of Health & Human Services Sue Nicolosi
    Community Engagement Sue Nicolosi
    Center for Teaching Excellence Sue Nicolosi
    Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship  Sue Nicolosi
    Cultural Arts  Sue Nicolosi
    Distance Education Fran Hewett
    E learning  Fran Hewett
    Financial Aid & Scholarships Fran Hewett
    Graduate School Fran Hewett
    Honors College  Fran Hewett
    Institutional Research & Planning  Danielle Aldrich
    International Programs Sue Nicolosi
    Lifelong Learning (OLLI) Fran Hewett
    Military Affairs  Danielle Aldrich
    Onslow Extension Program Fran Hewett
    Professional & Continuing Education Sue Nicolosi
    QENO Sue Nicolosi
    Randall Library Fran Hewett
    Registrar  Fran Hewett
    Research Services  Danielle Aldrich
    Space Management  Sue Nicolosi
    Swain Center for Continuing Education Sue Nicolosi
    Undergraduate Studies  Sue Nicolosi
    University College Fran Hewett
    Watson College of Education Sue Nicolosi
    Women's Resource Center Sue Nicolosi
  • Business Affairs
    Business Affairs
    Department Consultant
    Associated Entities Sue Nicolosi
    Auxiliary Services Danielle Aldrich
    Budgets Danielle Aldrich
    Business Affairs Danielle Aldrich
    Business Apps & Access Mgmt Sue Nicolosi
    Consulting Services Support Fran Hewett
    Controller  Danielle Aldrich
    Enterprise Risk Mgmt Danielle Aldrich
    Enterprise Systems Support  Fran Hewett
    Environmental Health and Safety Sue Nicolosi
    Facilities Danielle Aldrich
    Facilities Administration Danielle Aldrich
    Financial Analytics  Danielle Aldrich
    Financial Systems Danielle Aldrich
    Housekeeping Sue Nicolosi
    Infrastructure Operations Fran Hewett
    IT Project Management  Fran Hewett
    IT Resource Management  Fran Hewett
    IT Security Infrastructure Operations Fran Hewett
    Landscaping Sue Nicolosi
    Maintenance Sue Nicolosi
    Network & Communications  Fran Hewett
    Office of Chief Info Officer  Fran Hewett
    Physical Plant Danielle Aldrich
    Planning and Design Danielle Aldrich
    Postal Services Sue Nicolosi
    Printing Services Sue Nicolosi
    Project Design & Mgmt Danielle Aldrich
    Purchasing Danielle Aldrich
    Student Accounts/ Cashiers Danielle Aldrich
    TAC Services  Fran Hewett
    University Police Danielle Aldrich
    Warehouse & Surplus  Sue Nicolosi
  • Chancellor's Division
    Business Affairs
    Department Consultant
    Athletics Sue Nicolosi
    Centro Hispano Sue Nicolosi
    Chancellor's Office Fran Hewett
    General Counsel Fran Hewett
    Institutional Diversity & Inclusion Sue Nicolosi
    Internal Audit Sue Nicolosi
    LGBTQIA Fran Hewett
    Office of University Relations Sue Nicolosi
    Upperman Center Sue Nicolosi
  • Student Affairs
    Student Affairs
    Department Consultant
    Arts & Programs  Fran Hewett
    Campus Activities Fran Hewett
    Campus Life Sue Nicolosi
    Campus Recreation Fran Hewett
    CARE Sue Nicolosi
    Career Center  Sue Nicolosi
    Center Leadership Education and Services Sue Nicolosi
    Conferences Events Reservations Sue Nicolosi
    Counseling Center  Sue Nicolosi
    Crossroads SAPEP Fran Hewett
    Disability Resource Center Fran Hewett
    Housing and Residence Life Fran Hewett
    Student Affairs  Fran Hewett
    Student Health Center Fran Hewett
    Student Life Assessment Sue Nicolosi
    Student Media  Sue Nicolosi
    Title IX & Clery Compliance Fran Hewett
    Transition Programs Fran Hewett
    University Learning Center Fran Hewett
  • University Advancement

    Consultant: Danielle Aldrich

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