Human Resources

Classification & Compensation


The Classification and Compensation department is responsible for maintaining fair and equitable classification and salary decisions for the University’s workforce. We utilize the State of North Carolina’s career banding program for SHRA (subject to the Human Resources act of North Carolina) positions, General Administration (GA) guidelines for EHRA (exempt from the Human Resources act of North Carolina) positions, and the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations for all positions.

Classification and Compensation offers consultation for the following and more:

  • SHRA (SPA) and EHRA non-faculty and faculty (EPA non-faculty and faculty) salary ranges
  • Organizational design
  • Position design
  • Position classification
  • Departmental pay philosophy and strategy
  • Compensation analysis
  • Other salary adjustment inquiries

If you need to update position descriptions or have a position that needs to be reviewed for a reclassification, requests are submitted via PeopleAdmin 7.0. Please use this blank template and guide to assist you when creating or updating a position description.


EHRA Conversion for Information Technology Professionals
January 25, 2019


All other related classification and compensation forms and documents can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Compensation team:


EHRA Non-Faculty, Faculty & SHRA:

Cathi Willoughby, Associate Director, Compensation 910.962.3698


EHRA Non-Faculty/SHRA:

Danielle Aldrich, Compensation Consultant 910.962.3162


EHRA Non-Faculty/SHRA:

Fran Hewett, Compensation Consultant 910.962.3373