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Educational Benefits

UNCW is committed to supporting the growth and development of its employees. We offer a number of educational benefits in order enable you to enrich your life as a lifelong learner or help you earn your degree. These benefits include:

  • Application & Orientation Fee Waivers
  • Tuition Waiver & Benefit Program
  • Faculty & Staff Textbook Scholarship Program

Click the tabs below to learn more about each benefit!

Application Fee Waivers

All active UNCW employees with permanent appointments half-time or greater and their dependents are eligible for the application, enrollment and orientation fee waiver. These fees are paid by the UNCW Foundation Staff Support & Development Fund. 

To request the application, enrollment and/or orientation fee waiver, please complete the application form (linked below) using DocuSign. From there, HR verifies the eligibility and forwards the waiver to Admissions and Transition Programs. You will also receive a copy.  

Application/Orientation Fee Waiver

Tuition Waiver & Benefit Program

What's the difference between tuition waivers and tuition benefit?

  • The Tuition Waiver Program covers the cost of tuition and fees for 3 (undergraduate or graduate) courses per academic year at any of the 16 campuses of the UNC system, including UNCW .
  • The Tuition Benefit Program covers the cost of tuition and fees for one credit or non-credit course for each summer session at UNCW only

Both programs use the same eligibility requirements and application process, which you can learn more about below!

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the UNC Tuition Waiver Program, you must:

  • Be a permanent UNCW employee
  • Work 30 or more hours per week
  • Be participating in the TSERS or ORP retirement system

How do I apply?

  1. Step 1: Register for your class(es) online.
  2. Step 2: Complete the Tuition Waiver Application Form on Docusign (see instructions below).
  • Please complete a separate form for each class you wish to have your tuition waived.

How do I fill out the Tuition Waiver Application form using Docusign?

Part 1 - Employee: 
  1. Click the link below to start a new Tuition Waiver Application.
  2. Fill in your name and email address first, then the name and email address of your Supervisor and their Dean, Director and/or Department Head. (Be careful there are no typos on any email addresses otherwise the form will not route correctly.)
  3. Then select ‘Begin Signing’ to proceed to the electronic Tuition Waiver request form.
  4. Select ‘Continue’, fill out the form, eSign it and select ‘Finish.’
  5. The form will automatically route, via email, to your Supervisor to eSign. You will be emailed a copy of the completed form after it has been eSigned by all.
Part 2 - Supervisor:
  1. Your Supervisor will get a DocuSign email.
  2. The supervisor clicks ‘Review Document’ and this will open the Tuition Waiver form in DocuSign.
  3. They select ‘Continue’ and answer question #11 and #12, then eSign it.  
  4. After eSigning it, they select ‘Finish’ and the form will automatically route to the Dean, Director or Department Head, via email, to eSign.
Part 3 - Department Head:
  1. Your Dean, Director or Department Head will get a DocuSign email and follow the same steps as the supervisor.
  2. After eSigning it, the form will automatically route to Human Resources (, then to Student Accounts.

What's the deadline?

The completed form must be received in the Student Accounts Office no later than two days before the final add/drop date of the applicable term. Tuition waivers will not be processed after this date. Exceptions may be made by Student Accounts on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances.


Contact Human Resources at 23160.

Tuition Waiver & Benefit Application

Textbook Scholarship

The Textbook Scholarship Program allows UNCW employees to borrow required textbook(s) from the UNCW Bookstore for undergraduate or graduate classes.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the UNCW Textbook Scholarship Program, you must:

  • Be a permanent UNCW employee
  • Work 30 or more hours per week
  • Be participating in the TSERS or ORP retirement system
  • Be utilizing the Tuition Waiver or Tuition Benefit to your class(es)

What textbooks are covered?

The benefit is for all required textbooks and materials for classes taken using the tuition waiver or benefit. It covers used textbooks - new textbooks are provided only if used textbooks are not available.

The program permits the use of required textbook(s) for three courses per academic year, and one course for each summer session.

Where do I apply for the textbook scholarship program?

For more information and for application documents, visit their website:

Textbook Scholarship Program