Human Resources

Voluntary Shared Leave

The following employees are in need of Voluntary Shared Leave donation

  • Anthony Patrick - Facilities
  • JoAnn Daley - Institutional Research & Planning
  • Regina Anderson - Housekeeping
  • Ebony Butcher - Housekeeping
  • Natalie Millan - DC Virgo
  • Janice Green - Housekeeping
  • Jennie Jackson - CMS


*May only accept vacation leave

The UNCW Voluntary Shared Leave Policy allows employees to donate leave to another employee who is facing a loss of income due to a personal or family member illness. Employees may donate sick leave, vacation leave, or bonus leave. There is a limit of five sick days to any one recipient. The recipient can only receive up to 160 hours of sick leave. Click below to download the form to donate leave.

VSL Donation Form

For more information, please contact: