Human Resources

Community Service Leave

In recognition of the state's diverse needs for volunteers to support schools, communities, citizens, and non-profit organizations the UNCW Community Service Leave is designed to recognize the commitment of state employees to engage in volunteer service, paid time up to 24 hours per year may be granted for:

  • Involvement in a child's school
  • Tutoring and mentoring in schools (36 hours per year)
  • Volunteer activity in the schools or a community service organization
  • Volunteering in a state public university, community college system or state agency provided that it is outside of the employee's normal duties

This policy specifically applies to permanent SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees and does not affect temporary staff members. Learn more by clicking the links or watching the video below!

Community Service Leave Policy Voluntary Service on Campus 

Staff Community Engagement

HR's Employee Leadership, Learning & Engagement team is excited to offer regularly staff community service opportunities. Visit their website to learn more!

Staff Community Engagement

Volunteer Database

To encourage State employees to be engaged in their community, OSHR teamed up with the North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign to create a volunteer database. Employees can search the list for volunteering opportunities that fits their interest and get involved with charity organizations that appeal to them.

In addition, there are special guidelines outlined at the end of this policy for Emergency Services, Blood and Bone Marrow Donorship and Disaster Service Volunteer with the American Red Cross. Click the button below to see the many community service opportunities available.

OSHR Volunteer Database