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Civil Leave & Voting

Civil Leave

UNCW employees are entitled to civil leave (with pay) when serving on a jury or when subpoenaed as witnesses. 

Who is eligible for Civil Leave?

Full-time and part-time (more than half-time) SHRA and EHRA employees, persons in time-limited appointments, and trainees are covered by this policy.

Employees with a temporary, intermittent or part-time (less than half-time) appointments are not eligible for non-job-related civil leave, but are eligible for job-related civil leave and other job-related proceedings.

How do I use my Civil Leave?

To take Civil Leave, you need to:

  • Notify your supervisor when jury duty is scheduled or subpoenaed as a witness 
  • Enter your leave taken in the "civil leave" row of your leave keeping system (SmartTime, MoveTime, or LawTime)


Employees are not permitted to use work time for voting.

Why not?

Since the polls are open approximately two weeks for early voting (including weekends) and 12 hours or more on Election Day, employees must use their own time to vote. In some instances, employees may be able to vote during their scheduled meal periods.

Can I use flex scheduling to vote?

Management, with reasonable notice provided by the employee, has the discretion to allow flexible work scheduling to accommodate voting, or allow employees to utilize comp time, vacation, bonus leave or other accrued paid time off for the absence. 

What if I want to volunteer?

Community Service Leave may be used if you are serving inside a polling facility to assist voters with the voting process as long as you are not receiving pay for the service.

Vacation leave must be used if you are receiving pay for “inside” poll work or if you are distributing brochures, transporting voters or conducting other partisan campaigning outside of the polls.

Civil Leave Policy