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Benefits: Cancer Insurance

Allstate Benefits - American Heritage Life Insurance Company

Allstate Workplace Division (1-866.232-1517) is an NCFlex plan and premiums are deducted on a pre-tax basis. There are three plan options and two coverage levels to choose from depending on how much coverage you need. In addition to cancer coverage, this insurance pays benefits for 29 other specified diseases such as Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Tuberculosis, Sickle Cell Anemia and Cystic Fibrosis. A complete listing of covered diseases is located in the plan highlights..


Permanent employees working 50% time or more are eligible to enroll in cancer insurance. Eligible dependents include spouse or unmarried children up to age 26


If you enroll in this plan the first time it is offered, you may elect coverage on a guaranteed basis (without providing Evidence of Insurability (EOI). An EOI form is a way of providing proof of good health. This evaluation may include your current health status, medical history and family medical history. If you decide to enroll for cancer insurance coverage or increase your coverage at a later date, you will have to provide an EOI form to AWD for approval before coverage can become effective.

Each plan options offer the same type of benefits and/or services. However, in most cases, the amount of coverage differs. The benefits under the Premium Option are richer when compared to the High and Low Options. Refer to the Schedule of Benefits for each plan for more details.

Effective Date of Coverage

The first of the month after the date you enroll online.

Plan Year

January 1 through December 31

Annual Enrollment

Coverage continues from one plan year to the next, unless you make changes to your coverage during approved annual enrollment periods or have a qualifying status change. Generally, annual enrollment takes place in October with the new coverage effective January 1 of each year.


The monthly premium you pay for cancer coverage is based on the plan you choose and whether you choose to cover yourself only or yourself and your family.

Cost Employee Only Employee Employee & Family
Low Option $6.38 $10.56
High Option $15.18


Premium Option $20.28 $33.54

Changing your NCFlex Election

You will be able to cancel or change your coverage until the end of the plan year unless you have a qualified family status change. Changes without a qualified family status change are not allowed in NCFlex benefits during the plan year in accordance with Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service code. If you wish to change your coverage, you must notify your HR benefits counselor of any change in status within 30 days of the event. Some benefit changes may be subject to waiting periods. Contact the vendor prior to having services performed. The changes you want to make to your benefits must be consistent with the change in your status.

Examples of qualified family status changes are:

  • birth or adoption of a child
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • spouse becomes employed/unemployed
  • you or your spouse change from part-time to full-time employment (or vice-versa)
  • You or your spouse take an unpaid leave of absence

Online Enrollment

Contact your HR benefits counselor at 910-962-3160 for more inform ai ton or visit the NCFlex homepage.

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