Human Resources

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0 - 9

401(k) Supplemental Retirement

403(b) Supplemental Retirement

457 Supplemental Retirement

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A - B

AA (Affirmative Action)

Academic Vacancies

Accidential Death/Dismemberment Insurance

Additional Employment - SHRA Employees

Address Change Form

Adverse Weather

Advertising Requirements

Appeals and Grievance Policy

Blood, Bone Marrow, Organ Donation Policy

Bonus Leave


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C - D

Call Back Time

Cancer Insurance

Career Banding Information

Career Banding Dispute Resolution Form

Change of Address Form

Childcare Resources

Civil Leave

College Saving Plans

Community Service Leave

Compensatory Time Policy

Classification and Compensation Profiles

ComPsych (EAP)

Credit Unions

Crime and Safety Report

Criminal Background Check

Deferred Compensation Plan

Dental Insurance

Dependent Daycare FSA

Development Opportunities for Staff

Disability Benefits

Disaster Services Leave

Disciplinary Action Policy

Discount for UNCW Employees

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E - F

Educational Leave

Educational Options for Employees

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)

Employee Appreciation

Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

Employee Relations

Employee SelfServe, Leave Information

Employee Self Serve, Payroll Information

Employment of Related Persons

EHRA Vacancies

Ethnicity and Race Identification Form

Evaluation Forms


Faculty Disability

Faculty Salary Continuation

Faculty Vacancies

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Family Illness Policy

Flexible Spending Accounts (Health)

Flexible Spending Accounts (Daycare)

Foreign Nationals - Hiring


Full Cycle Performance

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G - K

Gap Hours

Governor's Award for Excellence

Grievance and Appeal Policy

Hanover Federal Credit Union

Harrassment Policy

Health Care FSA

Health Insurance

Hiring a Foreign National

Holidays, Policy

Holiday Schedule

HR Liaisons

HR Online

HR Online, SHRA Temporary

HR Online, EHRA Temporary

HR Online, Work Study

HR Online, Work Assist

HR Online, Accessing

HR Online, Employee Record Update

HR Online, History

HR Org Chart

HR Policies

HR Staff


Jobs - Faculty, Academic Professional and Senior Officer

Jobs - NC State Government

Jobs - Staff


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L - O

Lactation Resources


Leave, FY 2012 - 2013 Special Leave Memo (Rev. 7/26)

Leave, FY 2012 - 2013 Special Leave (Rev. 7/26)

Leave without Pay

Legal Insurance

Liability Insurance

Life Insurance

Longevity Policy

Long Term Care

Long Term Disability

Meal Periods

Medical Insurance

Military Leave

Misuse of State Property

NC Flex

Nepotism Policy


On-call Time

Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

Overtime Policy

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P - R

Performance Evaluations

Performance Management

Phased Retirement Policy


Prepaid Legal Insurance

Pretax Benefits

Priority Re-employment

Recognition Programs

Recruitment Policies

Reduction in Force (RIF)

Resources for Staff Development


RIF Checklist

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S - T

Salary Decision Worksheet

Search Committee - People Admin

Secondary Employment

Service Awards

Shift Premium

Short Term Disability

Sick Leave Policy

SHRA Evaluations

SHRA Position Information

SHRA Salary Schedule

SHRA/Staff Vacancies

State Employees Credit Union

State Health Plan

Substitute Pay Check

Supplemental Disability

Supplemental Savings Plans

Tax Forms

Teacher & State Employees Retirement System (TSERS)

Textbook Scholarship Program

Temporary Employment

Time Keeping, Administration of Leave Programs

Time Keeping, Paper Forms

Timesheet, Electronic

Timesheet, FAQ's

Total Compensation Statement, Definitions

Training and Staff Development Policy

Training Catalog

Training, Pay for

Travel Time, Pay for

Tuition Waiver

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U - V

Vacation Leave Policy

Vision Insurance

Voluntary Shared Leave

Volunteer Application

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W - Z

Wellness Committee

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation Forms

Worker's Compenation Policy

Workplace Harrassment Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

Work/Life Programs and Policies

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