Human Resources

New Onboarding PeopleAdmin Module

The Onboarding Center is excited to announce the launch of PeopleAdmin Onboarding! PeopleAdmin’s online onboarding module will automate new hire documentation and logistics so that the Onboarding Specialists can continue to deliver a personalized, seamless onboarding experience that engages new employees from day one.

The PeopleAdmin Onboarding module will enable our campus to maintain compliance without the added stress of paper processes, freeing hiring managers and the Onboarding Specialists to focus on personalized communications and meaningful, development-driven activities. This helps new employees get up to speed and ready to fill their roles quickly, so they can spend more time supporting student and campus achievement.

Are you in the process of onboarding a new employee? Reach out to the Onboarding Specialists to see how the PeopleAdmin Onboarding module can work for you.