Housing & Residence Life


Return To The Nest Information

For upperclassman students (third academic year and beyond) applying for on-campus housing next year!

On-Campus Housing Benefits

  • 10 month all-inclusive contracts
  • Apartment, pod and suite-style communities
  • Free laundry
  • Lounge and study spaces
  • Game rooms
  • Wireless network access
  • Outdoor pools and student recreation center
  • Close to Wagoner Dining hall, the Hub, and other food kiosks

To sign up for on-campus housing, students must complete a housing agreement and pay a $105 non-refundable housing application fee.  Please be aware that housing agreements will only be accepted as space permits; in order to be successful in securing housing for the academic year, please complete a housing agreement as soon as the application opens.


 UPPERCLASSMAN RETURNING STUDENTS (third academic year and beyond)


Date and Time


Apply for Housing

Opens January 12, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

The application may close at any time once all spaces have become filled.


Create or Join a Roommate Group

Available upon completion of application.


Closes January 26, 2022

All students creating or joining a roommate group must have completed the housing agreement and paid the $105 non-refundable fee in order to be eligible


Room Selection in  Seahawk Landing 


Starting January 28, 2022




 You will receive an email to your UNCW email address with instructions on how to view your entry time via the Housing Self-Service Portal on MySeaport.


*If in a roommate group, the student with the earliest time slot should be the person selecting rooms if possible.


Access the housing application:

  • Via your Applicant Status Portal
  • Via MySeaport

Step 1 – Prepare For Your Housing Application

  • Access the housing application through Student Services on your MySeaport.
  • You can access the housing application via your Applicant Status Portal or through MySeaport.
  • To access your through Seaport, login to MySeaport and click on the Student tab. Then, scroll to Housing, Dining & Transportation, click on the " Utilize the On-Campus Housing Portal" link to begin the housing application process.
    • Be ready to supply your personal information, including emergency contacts and to make a payment of $105 online.

Step 2 – Submit Your Application

  • Review the Housing Agreement, read and check off each attestation, and sign your housing agreement clicking “I Agree”.
  • Pay the $105 housing application fee.   This fee is non-refundable regardless of enrollment.

CLICK HERE to Troubleshoot Application Issues. 

Step 3 – (Optional) Create a Roommate Group

Roommate groups are a great way to save some time on room selection day and ensure that you and your potential roommates are in a room together next year!

Roommate groups can ONLY be managed by residents. Housing and Residence Life cannot create/modify/delete any roommate groups.

  • After you’ve completed the housing application and paid the fee, return to the landing page to create or join a roommate group.
  • Use the "Roommate Group" button prior to the deadline listed above (in important dates) to create or join a group.
  • All students involved in the roommate group must have a completed application in order to be pulled into the group.
  • This group can be modified until you select your room. Roommate groups cannot be modified or used after you’ve selected or been assigned a room.


  • Search for your potential roommate(s) by using their: Name or UNCW Email ID.
  • INVITE students to your roommate group.
  • You may invite up to 3 additional students for a total of 4 people in your group.


  • An Invitation will be sent to your UNCW email address from the leader of your group.
  • Login to your Housing Self-Service Portal on MySeaport to ACCEPT the Invitation in order to join.
  • You may only be a part of one roommate group, though you can be invited to more than one. So be sure you are accepting the invitation to the group you wish to live with.
  • Accepting an invitation for a different roommate group will remove you from the original group.

Roommate Group Guide


Step 4 – Select Your Room Assignment

You will receive an email to your UNCW email address with info on how to find your Time Ticket the day before room selection.

You will not be able to gain entry to the Room Selection Button until your designated time.

  • During your Time Ticket entry time, return to your MySeaport Housing Self-Service Portal and click “Room Selection”
  • Verify everyone you wanted is in your roommate group. If not, someone may not have accepted the invitation.
  • Once verified, click NEXT
  • Use the search filters on the left to narrow down the list of rooms.
  • And/Or use the small grey arrows (to the left of each selection) to expand the available rooms by living area
  • All available bedspaces in that area/room will populate under search results on the right hand side


  • Use the grey drop down arrow next to the room number to reveal the locks and then click the yellow “Lock” icon on your bedspace.
  • Once you’ve locked a room, you will have 5 minutes to “Release” or “Confirm” your selection.
  • Make sure you click “SUBMIT” or your room booking will not be reserved.
  • Return to the landing page and click Room Assignment to verify you have successfully completed your room selection.


  • The person who receives the earliest time slot on room selection day should be the person to place all students in the roommate group into a room together.
    • If one person from the group assigns rooms for everyone in the group, the group members will not need to complete individual room selections during their time slot(s). HOWEVER, please check your ROOM ASSIGNMENT to ensure the selections were completed successfully prior to ignoring your time slot.

For a step-by-step guide on completing a room selection with a roommate group, CLICK HERE!

Disability Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations for students with documented disabilities are determined based on the need for equal opportunity, and not based on a perceived “benefit” to the student. Please note: disability-status does not impact one’s position in the queue (i.e., waitlist); however, should a housing assignment be granted, appropriate accommodations will be addressed. Students currently waiting for on-campus assignments are encouraged to submit Accommodation Request forms while waiting, as this may help expedite necessary adjustments to the room or facility.

Students with disabilities living in UNCW residential buildings who need an accommodation in order to have equal access to the housing environment must make their requests known well in advance of their planned move-in date to ensure needs can be appropriately met (see HRL’s Campus Living Handbook). Request for disability-related accommodations must include the Disability Accommodation Request for University Housing along with appropriate documentation.


If you have any questions regarding the Housing Application, please send us an email at Housing@uncw.edu or call our office at 910-962-3241 and we will be happy to assist you!