Residence Hall Association

Closet Clean-Out

Closet Clean-Out 2021

April 28 - May 11

“My hope and goal is to educate people to the need. If we can care for each other that is doesn’t cost you much to donate a t-shirt or a pair of pants, but it’s a treasure for the person receiving it.” – Sister Rose, Catholic Campus Ministries

Goals of This Program:

The end of the semester is here, which means that it is almost time for you to move out of your home away from home on campus. While you are packing, take a moment to determine any items you no longer need.  Consider donating the items during our “Closet Clean-Out” donation drive.  UNCW's Closet Clean-Out is a collaborative initiative between the Office of Sustainability, Catholic Campus Ministry, Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE), and Residence Hall Association (RHA).  The program provides an opportunity for ALL students to donate new and gently used items to be repurposed through local organizations to assist those in need in our area.  Closet Clean-Out helps support the people, planet, and profit of the community by:
1.       Helping those experiencing need: All donations are distributed to local organizations with needs for those specific items.
2.       Reducing Landfill Waste: Producing clothes, bedding, furniture, and such items uses Earth’s natural resources.  Disposing of those items adds more to our already large landfills. By reducing waste and repurposing through donation, we are all helping to support natural areas.
3.       Raising Consciousness: It is always a great practice to consider what you have accumulated and evaluate what you really need. It then allows you to donate to good causes and get involved in serving the larger community.
4.       Saving Money: The University has to pay a fee for disposing of the trash thrown in dumpsters.  A more financially responsible solution is to donate the items still in good condition and could be used by others.

How Can You Participate:

  1. As you pack to move out, sort your items for keeping, donating, or landfill. Really think about the items (especially furniture) that you are donating. Is this something that you would give to a friend? If not, it may be trash.  Housing and Residence Life staff will be providing you with special bags where you can place your clothes and bedding donations.  
  1. Clothes, food, and hygiene products can be donated can be left in the Donations Station bins by the front desk of each residence hall. Furniture and other larger household items can be left in the PODS® Donation Station (link to map)
  2. If you are unsure of your closest Donation Station location ask your RA or desk worker.  RA's and the service desk also have donation bags for any clothes, shoes and beddings. 
  3. Don’t forget to Recycle! Check out the UNCW Recycling website to see all of the items that should be taken to the designated recycling drop-off containers. Did you know that UNCW recycles plastic bags, Styrofoam, and electronics?!
  4. Tell your friends!! Even off-campus students can donate at the water tower location! (link to off-campus Closet Clean-out Page)
  5. Volunteer! Closet Clean-Out is a unique event that takes an enormous amount of time and energy.Consider donating an hour of your time before you leave to helping collect items or sort them in the Warehouse!


A volunteer accepting donations for Closet Clean-Out

Please understand that the donation area is not a swap shop as all donated items belong to the university to provide to the charities.  Should you have items not fit for donation, you will find large roll-off dumpster containers distributed around the residential areas brought in to handle the large volume of end-of-year trash.  We ask that you put your move-out trash in these receptacles.  Recycling should still be taken to the designated recycling drop-off containers. 


For more information about items to donate or about the program in general, please contact Kat Pohlman at