Housing & Residence Life

Why I'm Volunteering for Move-In 2019


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Q. Mel can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  What department do you work for at UNCW and a little bit about your role?

A. I started at UNCW January of 2013 as an Administrative Associate in Cameron School of Business. I moved to Human Resources in 2015 to work as an Onboarding Specialist. My job is to reach out to new employees at the very beginning of their employment journey at UNCW. My goal is for every new employee to know they have a friend – someone in their corner - at UNCW from day 1

Q.Why are you volunteering for Move-In 2019?

A. I volunteer at Move-in for the same reason I come to work every day. I love to help students at the very beginning of their journey at UNCW. My goal is for students (and their parents) to know they have a friend – someone in their corner- at UNCW from day 1.

Q. How many years have you volunteered for this event?

A. I have only missed one in the last 5 years and regretted it all year long. I won’t miss another one!

Q. What is your favorite part about move-in?

A. That’s easy. As students walk by with their keys in hand, I love to ask “You got keys?” and when they hold them up—I give them a happy “Woohoo!” My voice is hoarse by the time 1pm rolls around, but it’s worth it! My second favorite part is connecting to their parents and reassuring them that everything will be okay. Parents need that sometime!

Q. Do you have a favorite memory you would like to share?

A. I really don’t have one favorite memory—Every single year, I meet several families that really need a cheerleader and I am happy to make their day a little better. It feels really good to know that I made hundreds of people smile by volunteering for just a few hours. The SMILES is what keeps me coming back every year!

Q. Any advice or tips for volunteers to help them be prepared for the big day?

A. Don’t forget that YOUR energy impacts how a whole family feels at Move-in. Stay calm and positive no matter how confusing or hectic the day is for you. It’s just a few hours for you, but it’s a whole new life for an entire family. Help them celebrate this very big day.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

A. I know Move-In could not happen as successfully without volunteers, but the team at Housing & Residence Life and the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement are the foundation for this great event. Everything you all do is spot on--from signs, to training, to communications—volunteers and students have the tools they need for the day. You guys work so hard—and it really does make a difference!

-- Karen L. Thompson