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The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is teaming up with university departments, community organizations, and student leaders to bring you UNCW Votes 2020! Fall 2020 will feature a full schedule of events and opportunities for UNCW students to engage in this season's election.

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Why Do I Need To Know My Physical Address?

Your physical address on campus is used when you need to provide a record of your residence in Wilmington; for example, if registering to vote in New Hanover County, you will need to provide your physical address.

To print out proof of your physical address do as follows:

  • Log into your "MySeaport" account.
  • At the top of the page, click "My home."
  • Click on the "Student Services" tab located at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down on left hand side towards the middle of the page under the blue "Services" tab and you will see "Contract and Pay Housing Fee.
  • On the Landing page, click the button for your housing assignment.
  • Once on the housing assignment page, print out that page as proof of residence.

*Popup Blockers - you have to turn off your Popup Blockers to view this information.

Physical Address List

Building Name Street Address
Belk Hall 4989 Riegel Road
Galloway Hall 5009 Riegel Road
University Apartments
A 1005 Wave Crest Drive
B 1001 Wave Crest Drive
C 5000 Lionfish Drive
D 5004 Lionfish Drive
E 5008 Lionfish Drive
F 5012 Lionfish Drive
G 5016 Lionfish Drive
H 5020 Lionfish Drive
I 5024 Lionfish Drive
J 5028 Lionfish Drive
K 1017 Wave Crest Drive
L 1013 Wave Crest Drive
M 1009 Wave Crest Drive
Graham Hall 5061 Riegel Road
Hewlett Hall 5065 Riegel Road
Cornerstone Hall 5121 Trihouse Drive
Innovation House 5120 Trihouse Drive
Honors House 920 Community Drive
University Suites
O 5110 Suite Service Loop
P 5118 Suite Service Loop
Q 5126 Suite Service Loop
R 5210 Suite Service Loop
S 5220 Suite Service Loop
T 5230 Suite Service Loop
U 5238 Suite Service Loop
Schwartz Hall 1123 Walton Drive
Seahawk Village
1 1012 Seahawk Village Loop
2 1024 Seahawk Village Loop
3 1036 Seahawk Village Loop
4 1044 Seahawk Village Loop
5 1056 Seahawk Village Loop
6 1068 Seahawk Village Loop
Seahawk Landing
1 905 Walton Drive
2 5114 Seahawk Landing Loop
3 5110 Seahawk Landing Loop
4 5126 Seahawk Landing Loop
5 5122 Seahawk Landing Loop
6 5134 Seahawk Landing Loop
7 5130 Seahawk Landing Loop
Seahawk Crossing
1 912 Walton Drive
2 5021 Cahill Drive
3 965 Reynolds Drive
4 906 Walton Drive

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For More Information and FAQ's On Voting Click Here.