Housing & Residence Life

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 Leadership Team

Leadership Team
Peter Groenendyk
  • Peter Groenendyk, Director
  • (910) 962.3241
  • groenendykp@uncw.edu
  • Peter serves as the department head for Housing and Residence Life.  UNCW's housing program accommodates approximately 4,000 students, and is staffed with an extraordinary team of professionals, contract staff, and students.  Peter is originally from Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada and spends his free time playing with his rescue dog and participating in the local recreational ice hockey league.
Keith Wickliffe
  • Keith Wickliffe, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • (910) 962.3241
  • wickliffek@uncw.edu
  • Keith has primary responsibility for the residential aspect of HRL through supervising the Residence Life staff in their providing academically-focused, safe, and welcoming communities in which students live.  In his free time, Keith enjoys playing with his two children, sailing and backpacking parts of the Blue Ridge Trail.


Jenna Freeman
  • Jenna Freeman, Associate Director of Business Services
  • (910) 962.3241
  • freemanj@uncw.edu
  • Jenna is responsible for the oversight of Housing and Residence Life’s business services, budget management, and technology. She also oversees housing contracts, room assignments, and the general administration of the student transition process.  When Jenna is not in the office, Jenna likes to spend time at the beach with her daughter, cooking, and engaging in all things Disney. 


Shawn Burkett
  • Shawn Burkett, Associate Director of Facility Operations
  • (910) 962.3241
  • burketts@uncw.edu
  • Shawn is responsible for overseeing facility operations to include budgeting, long range planning, coordinating renovations/remodeling, facility projects, housekeeping services, and routine maintenance.  Shawn loves camping, hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors.


Brittany Philbert
  • Brittany Philbert, Assistant Director of Residence Life
  • (910) 962.3241
  • philbertb@uncw.edu
  • Brittany oversees the Seahawk Apartments and Tri-House communities and assists the Associate Director of Residence Life in the leadership of the residence life program.  Originally a New Jersey native, Brittany is an alumna of Florida State and La Salle University.  When not assisting Seahawks, Brittany enjoys hanging out at Carolina Beach, traveling, eating tacos and coaching youth tennis.  


Christa Faison
  • Christa Faison, Assistant Director of Residence Life
  • (910) 962.3241
  • faisonc@uncw.edu
  • Christa oversees the daily operations and advises the freshmen residential areas. Christa is from Richlands, NC and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her son and family and enjoys eating ice cream and donuts on the beach.
Jennifer Lee, Assistant Director of Technology
  • Jennifer Lee, Assistant Director of Technology
  • (910) 962.2833
  • Jennifer is responsible for the technology, information systems, and oversees the Assignments for the department. This role provides the department with technical support, software training, and is responsible for maintaining all housing data and reports. 
James Coston
  • James Coston, Assistant Director of Facility Operations
  • (910) 962.3241
  • costonj@uncw.edu
  • James leads and supervises all professional maintenance, inventory, and summer operations staff. He oversees daily and emergency maintenance and serves as a liaison role between HRL and other collaborative departments on campus.  When not at work James loves camping, fishing, and enjoys the outdoors in his spare time!

Main Points of Contact

Main Points of Contact
Megan Hilliard
  • Megan Hilliard, Administrative Associate
  • (910) 962.2532
  • hilliardm@uncw.edu
  • Megan is the primary point of contact to schedule meetings with the Director and Associate Directors for Housing & Residence Life.  She also is responsible for travel and is the department Leave-Keeper.  Megan loves scary movies, cooking, and spending time with her baby girl.


Sam Jessup
  • Sam Jessup, Front Desk Receptionist
  • (910) 962.3241
  • jessupa@uncw.edu
  • Sam manages the front desk operations and works to resolve charge appeals. She is passionate about customer service.   When Sam is not in the office,  she loves spending time with her family and at the dog park in Carolina Beach.
Danielle Harris
  • Danielle Harris, Facility Operations - Office Administrator
  • (910) 962.4225
  • harrisdh@uncw.edu
  • Danielle processes all maintenance requests, greets/assists contractors, staff, student workers and she is also the designated key control staff member in the office.  She loves traveling, floating in the ocean, and laughing with her son.

Residence Life Team

Residence Life Team
Ileana Garcia, Residence Coordinator
  • Ileana Garcia, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.0627
  • garciai@uncw.edu
  • Ileana oversees the daily operations and advises the residence life team at Pelican Hall.
Jessica Gorgas
  • Jessica Gorgas
  • Cornerstone Hall, Keystone House, Innovation House
  • (910) 962.8616
  • gorgasj@uncw.edu
  • Jess oversees the Tri-House community of Keystone House, Innovation House, and Cornerstone Hall. While she’s originally from Pittsburgh, PA, she’s adjusting well to warm sunny days on the beach. When she’s not on the job, you can probably find her doing something outdoors or telling people about how they don’t know cold until they’ve spent a winter in central Pennsylvania.


Caitlin Grindall
  • Caitlin Grindall, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.0630
  • grindallc@uncw.edu
  • Caitlin oversees the daily operations and advises the residence life team at Sandpiper Hall. Caitlin is from Woodbury, CT, and in her free time she enjoys gaming, reading, watching baseball, spontaneous trips to places unknown, and new experiences.
Kelly Hook, Residence Coordinator
  • Kelly Hook, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.3973
  • hookk@uncw.edu
  • This role oversees the daily operations and advises the residence life team at Belk Hall and Graham-Hewlett halls.  
Teddy Howell
  • Teddy Howell, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.5738
  • howellt@uncw.edu
  • Teddy oversees the daily operations and advises the residence life team at Schwartz Hall & University Suites. When Teddy is not around helping students, you can find him listening to music, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Teddy also loves traveling the world while eating his favorite snack…Cheez-Its.
  • Mike Jefferson, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.8874
  • jeffersonm@uncw.edu
  • Mike oversees the daily operations and advises the residence life team at Seahawk Village.
Residence Coordinator, O'Keefe Johnson
  • O'Keefe Johnson, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.2862
  • johnsono@uncw.edu
  • O'Keefe oversees the daily operations and advises the residence life team at Seahawk Crossing.
Anthony Pohorilak, Residence Coordinator
  • Anthony Pohorilak, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962.1552
  • ldn8158@uncw.edu
  • Anthony oversees the daily operations and advises the Residence Life team at Seahawk Landing. While he’s not on-call,or assisting students, he is a full time husband and father to his son. Anthony enjoys hiking and tries to go as often as possible and usually ends his days cooking with his family. Although he loves the mountains, he finds the beach just as relaxing and plans on visiting as much as he can!

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing
  • TBD, Public Communications Specialist
  • (910) 962.2858
  • This role is responsible for the department's public relations/marketing initiatives to include events, tours, digital signage/content and printed materials. It also serves as the department webmaster and social media manager. 

Business Operations Team

  • TBD, Business Services Coordinator
  • (910) 962.4161
  • This role coordinates budget and business process needs of the department including oversight of requisitions, and performs financial reconciliations for the department. 
  • TBD, Assignments & Systems Coordinator
  • (910) 962.3241
  • This role is responsible for managing and coordinating assignments for the department.   
  • Zach Clark, Administrative Associate
  • (910) 962.3613
  • Zach is responsible for purchasing transactions, P-cards and assists in budgetary processes for the department.  Zach enjoys cooking, history, and spending time with family and friends.
Trevor Havelks
  • Trevor Havelka, Technology Support Analyst
  • (910) 962.3581
  • havelkat@uncw.edu
  • Trevor is responsible for system administration, provides the department with technical support and trains and supports staff with their technology.  Trevor has been a musician all his life and loves spending time with his wife and children and enjoys the mountains.
  • Andrea Swanson, Administrative Associate
  • (910) 962.3897
  • swansona@uncw.edu
  • Andrea is the RA Scholarship Coordinator and performs Housing and Residence Life daily operations to include processing all student worker payroll.  Andrea is addicted to Korean drama, enjoys playing tennis and loves to go hiking.

Facilities Team

Facilities Team
Ron Wefing
  • Ron Wefing, Warehouse Inventory Manager
  • (910) 962.3241
  • wefingr@uncw.edu
  • Ron is the department inventory control specialist and manages the departments inventory needs as well as tracking and anticipating the needs of the department.  Ron enjoys cooking, yard work, spending time with his dogs and loves his 1963 Corvette.
Mark Grosser
  • Mark Grosser, Lead Maintenance Technician
  • (910) 962.3241
  • grosserm@uncw.edu
  • Mark trains and supervises the maintenance technician team and is also the maintenance shop manager.  When not at work Mark loves wood working, gardening, and watching the Steeler's football games.

Maintenance Technicians

Housing Maintenance Technicians have experience in all the different trades such as HVAC, electrical. plumbing, carpentry, lock repair etc..  Some of their daily duties include doing daily walks of the residence halls, performing preventative maintenance tasks, working on special construction projects, as well as responding to emergency maintenance requests and work orders submitted by residents. They take pride in their work, customer service and maintaining the residence halls to a high standard for our students.

Maintenance Technician Team
Whit Hayden
  • Whitford Hayden, Maintenance Mechanic
  • (910) 962.3241
  • haydenw@uncw.edu
  • When not at work Whit loves music, camping, and fishing.
Randall Todd
  • Randall Todd, Maintenance Mechanic
  • (910) 962.3241
  • toddr@uncw.edu
  • Randall likes racing, music, and is a sports enthusiast.
Michael Maloney
  • Michael Maloney, Maintenance Mechanic
  • (910) 962.3241
  • maloneym@uncw.edu
  • Mike loves fast cars and restoring older cars and he also loves gardening.
  • John Platt, Maintenance Mechanic
  • (910) 962.3241
  • plattj@uncw.edu
  • John enjoys spending time with friends and family when not at work and he is a New England sports enthusiast.