Housing & Residence Life


Honors House Renamed to Keystone House

Effective March 1, 2019, Housing and Residence Life will rename Honors House to Keystone House.  Honors House, one of three residence halls that make up the Tri-House community, was opened in 1998 and was the traditional home for students in the Honors College.  Due to the continued growth of Honors College, the 2019-2020 honors students will find a new home in Cornerstone Hall.  While we are excited at the growth, it was evident a new name was needed. The name Keystone, which is a central stone at the summit of an arch and that holds the arch together, was chosen due to the building’s continued importance in the UNCW community. 

Please make a note of this change and make revisions as needed for your department.  A celebration is planned for our Honors House residents at the end of this spring semester to signify them being the last Honors students to reside in what was formerly Honors House.