Housing & Residence Life

Frequently Asked Questions – De-Densifying Residence Halls

Questions Related to the Single Room Change

If I agree to move to a new assignment, what do I do and can I request a particular location?

You will need to notify your RA. Housing will provide you with a link to the “Single Room Change Request” form. You can provide a preferred location when completing this form. Preferred locations will be granted on a first-come opportunity based on available inventory. If no preferences are shared, HRL will choose the assignment.

If I change rooms, where will I live in the spring semester?

When we change your fall assignment, your spring assignment will also change. As a result, you will live in your new space for the remainder of the academic year.

If I change rooms, will I be charged more/less?

If your fall space is less expensive, you will receive a prorated refund on your student account based on the rent differential and the number of days remaining in the semester.  If your new space is more expensive, you will not be charged for the increase.  This will be the case for the remainder of your Fall rent and your future Spring rental rate.

If I live in a double as a single (either because I don’t have a roommate or I am assigned to a vacant double), will I have a single for the remainder of the academic year?

We will guarantee your half-filled double room as a single for the remainder of the fall semester. At this time we cannot guarantee that same opportunity for the spring semester. Later this fall we will provide you with an update on if you will have a spring single or if you potentially may receive a roommate.

If I change rooms and do not like my assignment, can I request another room change?

After we complete this process all spaces will likely be assigned and so there will not be free spaces in which one can move to.  It might be possible we could coordinate a swap between two interested parties.  If a student does not want to continue living in their space for the remainder of the year, talk with HRL or your RC regarding the option to return home for the fall semester.


Questions Related to Returning Home

If I agree to return home, what do I do?

You will need to notify your RA. The following day you will receive an email from Housing with directions for how to attest to returning home. Follow the instructions, review the conditions and agree by submitting the form. The form will tell us that you intend to return home for the fall semester for a prorated refund and that you understand you will return for the spring semester. Please note that no one is being released from their 2020-2021 HRL Agreement and no student is being permitted to move to an off-campus location in the Wilmington community (unless it is to return home to live with your parents).

Can both I and my roommate return home?

Because we are de-densifying double rooms, one resident in a double-occupied room may either move to another on-campus assignment or return home for a prorated refund. If both want to return home, they can both make the request.

Can I keep my belongings in my room until I return in January? Can I pick up items before January?

You will be able to leave any personal items you want in your room. However, UNCW will not be responsible for lost or damaged items so we encourage you to take as much home as you want, with a particular focus on any items of value. In addition, you will not be able to return to your room until January so ensure you take home any item you think you may need.

What if I elect to move to an off-campus location in the Wilmington area rather than moving home?

As noted in the university's Sept. 8 campus communication, students who are asked to move may opt to return home if they choose, and they will receive pro-rated refunds for housing and dining for the remainder of the fall semester. If both roommates want to move home, they may do so, and both will receive pro-rated refunds. Students who move home will also receive parking refunds. To receive prorated housing refunds, students who are currently living on campus may move home with parents or guardians, not to other off-campus housing arrangements.

Will returning home also cancel my spring housing agreement?

Returning home does not cancel your fall or spring housing agreement. Your academic year agreement is in full force. However, we will refund your fall rent on a prorated basis for those students who voluntarily return home for the remainder of the fall semester. You will be able to return to your assignment at the start of the spring semester.

How will a prorated refund work?

When you return home for the remainder of the fall semester, we will refund your student account based on the percentage of rent you do not use. The start of the refund will be based on the day you return your key and “Return Home” form to the desk.

If I return home, will I be refunded my meal plan?

We will provide a prorated refund for meal plans as well.


Questions Related to Remaining in your Room

Can both my roommate and I remain in our current room?

If neither roommate can agree to move or return home, HRL may administratively move one resident so that we can comply with the New Hanover Health Department’s request to de-densify our double-assigned spaces.

I am in a double room without a roommate…can return home for a prorated refund?

This process is attempting to de-densifying double rooms and so at this time you are unable to participate.


General Questions

Are there plans to change visitation or increase restrictions?

At this time we have no plans to change or further restrict visitation on campus.  Since many rooms will now be single-occupied rooms, it mean rooms that previously had a maximum occupancy of four people will now have a maximum occupancy of two.

What should I do if I would like to return home but I have one or more in-person classes and the driving distance is not feasible?

Housing & Residence Life is unable to make any changes to a student’s academic courses.  We encourage you to speak with your faculty and/or academic advisor to explore what options might exist should you have the desire to return home.

Will there be any assistance if I receive a room change

We have arranged some university assistance for those who need help transporting items across campus.  This information was emailed on Wednesday, September 9th. This service is primarily for students who do not have a vehicle or have items that cannot fit in their vehicle.  This service is being provided between Wednesday, September 9 and Wednesday, September 16 from noon-6 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday. You may request this assistance by emailing chasem@uncw.edu. Please include the following details in your email: 

  • Name: 
  • Current Room Location:
  • New Room Location:  
  • Vehicle Needed for Moving (Options: Large truck for lots of belongings or large items or Gator truck for smaller amounts of belongings. If you have large furniture that you need assistance moving, please indicate that here and we will be in contact to make arrangements):   
  • Cell Number:   
  • Preferred Move Day (Options: September 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, or 16th) :   
  • Preferred Move Time (Options: Weekdays 12 p.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.)


Communication to residents sent on September 11, 2020

Dear Resident Students, 

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us navigate this difficult time.   We are adjusting to a situation that remains fluid and is being managed differently by universities across the country.  Each institution is taking action based on the circumstances affecting their campuses and communities. UNCW has and will continue to work with our local public health officials to make the best decisions for our Seahawk community.  Today, we wanted to provide a few reminders. 

  • For those students who have requested to return home for the semester, if you have not already done so, please fill out the “Attestation” link that you were sent. Once completed, you will receive an email directing you to drop off a copy of the response form you will receive, along with your room key, at the desk before you depart.  The date that you complete this final step will be the date we use for your prorated refund.  We are working to get your “request to return home” information out to faculty who have in-class instruction, please communicate with them about your plans.  Adjustments to student accounts will take several weeks for us to process; we appreciate your patience.
  • For students who have been willing to move to a single room, we are currently working on assignments. Assignments are being made in the order we receive the requests, and it may take several more days to complete this process, so we ask that you be patient with us.  

Finally, even though we are taking these steps to reduce double rooms and “de-densify” the campus, we need your consistent efforts to comply with the established safety protocols.  Your sacrifices will be for naught if we don’t double down on our efforts to wear face coverings, wash hands and maintain safe distances.  Please make these practices a priority in all spaces outside of your rooms, especially in those spaces where you feel the most comfortable (in common spaces, living rooms, dining halls).  Remember to wear your masks when you are outdoors unless you are engaged in active exercise. Thank you for your courage and perseverance and your willingness to be extraordinary as we navigate this pandemic together.   


Communication to residents with a roommate sent on September 8, 2020

Dear Resident,

This letter is being sent to you because you are a student living on-campus with a roommate in a double room. The University, in cooperation with the New Hanover County Health Department, is taking action to help lower COVID-19 levels in the 18- to 24-year-old population. The Health Department has approached us because this age group is the largest source of new COVID-19 cases in New Hanover County, and most UNCW students are among that age group. Although the University already has many health and safety protocols in place and has operated consistently with state and federal guidelines, we are taking an additional decisive action to assist our community in lowering the spread of this coronavirus by reducing the number of students in shared bedrooms on the UNCW campus. While this approach alone will not solve the problem, this action, along with your continued commitment to the 3Ws and mass gathering limitations, will help the region limit the spread of the virus.

In the coming days, a member of the Residence Life staff will ask you or your roommate to move to a single room. This room will likely be in one of our other residence halls or apartments. For students who move to a new space, this will be your room for the remainder of the academic year. You will not be charged additional money for the fall if it is a more expensive space, but if the space is less expensive, you will receive a prorated refund to your student account. If it is a double room that is made a fall single space, we will guarantee it as a single for the fall, and we will try (but will not guarantee) to keep the space as a single for the spring. If neither of you want to move, we will allow one or both of you to return home for the remainder of the fall.

If you choose this option, then you will receive an email from Housing with conditions to sign that will allow you to keep your same assignment for the spring and to receive a prorated refund for housing and dining for the remainder of the fall semester. Please note that no student in on-campus housing is being released for the fall and/or spring semester, and no student is being permitted to move to an off-campus location in the Wilmington community (unless it is with your parents/legal guardians).

If you are not able to come to an agreement with your roommate, Housing will randomly reassign one of you to a new room. Please quickly discuss these two options with your roommates and parents. Within the next two days, an HRL staff member will follow-up with you and your roommate regarding your choice. We will need a decision by September 10, with our goal to have students move to their new room or return home for the remainder of the term by September 16, 2020. While this is not how we wanted your first semester to be, we are taking this action so that our fall term together may continue (which we know is important to many of you).

UNCW will continue to meet our public health obligations and assist the county health officials, and we thank you in advance for doing your part to support this process.