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Upcoming Speakers/Events:

Health Graduate Program Expo

When: Friday, March 25th from 10:00 am until 1 pm
Where: Burney Center

Connect with various NC health grad programs from across the region to learn more about their programs. Featuring an impressive group of over 60 campuses with programs such as medical school, dental school, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, nursing, public health, etc.

The Office of the District Attorney Fall and Summer Internship Programs

Deadline: 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 29th, 2019

Contact: Christine.B.Shuler@nccourts.org

Students will be assigned to work district and superior court caseloads with tasks including, but not limited to: case file organization; correspondence with victims and law enforcement; discovery dissemination; evidence review; and courtroom observation. The program also includes field trips to several partner organizations to encourage a broader understanding of the District Attorney’s Office and our relationship with other agencies.

Upcoming Trips

Honors in London

When: August 1st to August 10th 
Cost: $1,875

Deadline: April 1st

Join us for a trip to London this summer and then a fall course on “Consumer Culture and Shopping Society” (HON 210). London is one of the original epicenters of global consumer culture. It is a city that played a central role in the evolution of mass production, consumption, fashion, shopping arcades, and pop culture. Through the lenses of sociology, psychology, history, architecture, and economics we will examine the role that consumer values played in city life, as well as the role the city serves as the veins of consumer culture. This will include a range of questions: How is shopping part of “being a city citizen”?  How has consumption shaped the evolution and planning of London? How do particular spaces shape consumption and the consumer mind? The goal of the course is to arrive at a better and more critical understanding of how consumption figures into individual and global identities. The London experience will provide the illustrations, data and a frame for the fall HON 210 course. 

Highlights: Soho, Museum of London, Museum of Brands, Harrods, London Apple Store, Portobello Road Market, Tate Modern Museum, Covent Garden, Victoria and Albert Museum, theatre outing, and more.