The Honors College hosts a Spring Speaker each year who brings to the campus an important, scholarly discussion that is current and interdisciplinary. Traditionally, prior to the speaker's arrival, a book group open to faculty, staff, and students is sponsored by the College to engage the community in the topic and promote discussion, debate, and promote opportunities for inquiry. For info on the current reading group, please contact Nikki Kroushl.

2019 Honors Speaker: Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky

Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky stands inside of a library.

"Mattering is No Laughing Matter: Using Humor and Science to Promote Wellness and Fairness"

Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, author of The Laughing Guide to Well-Being: Using Humor and Science to Become Happier and Healthier, will visit UNCW and deliver a lecture as the Honors College Spring Speaker. After his lecture on using humor and science to promote wellness and fairness, we will host a reception in the Clocktower Lounge.

Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky is the former dean of the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Miami, where he currently serves as vice provost for institutional culture.

He leads a research team that developed, a research-based online platform to promote health and wellness using videos, games and humor.

His most recent book is The Laughing Guide to Well-Being: Using Humor and Science to Become Happier and Healthier.

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 Past speakers for the Honors College have included: Dr. Brian Hare, Dr. Rob Dunn, Ms. Cathy Day, Dr. Neil Shubin, Dr. Dan Simons, Ms. Minnie Jean Brown Trickey, Dr. Kenneth Miller, Mr. Richard Leakey, Dr. E.O. Wilson, Dr. Sarah Boysen, Mr. Seth Kramer and Dr. David Harrison, Mr. David Quammen, Mr. Nat Faxon and Mr. Jim Rash, Mr. Paul Loeb, Dr. Paul Zubrin, Dr. Mark Plotkin, Dr. Michael Ruse, Dr. Maeve Leakey, Mr. Charles Mann, and Mr. Ralph Nader.

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