Benefits of Honors
Top 10 Reasons for Honors

The Honors College experience will immediately help you develop connections across campus, provide in-depth conversations with faculty and your classmates, and provide a context around your specific major(s). It is your community on campus.  Think of it as a small-college environment with all of the benefits and resources of a larger university. Our students conduct research with faculty, secure internships and prestigious fellowships, and travel around the world. They also engage in service within the local Wilmington area, from turtle rescues to helping solve transportation issues. The UNCW Honors College helps to develop citizen-scholars.

Enriched Academic Experience

  • Honors sections of University Studies courses have a maximum enrollment of 20 students to allow for more one-on-one engagement with the material, applied learning, and interaction with professors.
  • Honors interdisciplinary and experiential/enrichment seminars encourage students to study a variety of topics through challenging and provocative pedagogy. Some recent interdisciplinary classes have included...
    • Design Thinking
    • Disney, Food and Self-Discovery
    • Happiness Emphasis 
    • Medical Humanities
    • Consumer Culture and Shopping Society
    • Brazilian Music in Beat and Cultural Movements
  • Honors Scholars have priority registration, meaning they sign up for classes before most other students.
  • We encourage you to attend Honors conferences in the state and region and offer financial support.
  • Honors students frequently get involved with undergraduate research and present at regional and national conferences for their disciplines. 


  • Around 50% of incoming Honors Scholars receive merit scholarships
  • Many Honors scholarships are renewable for all four years, and many are available specifically to upperclassman students. 


  • As a first-year Honors Scholar, you live in Cornerstone Hall. Living in the same residence hall encourages engaged interaction and supports academic success.
  • You will have the same classes as many of your fellow Honors Scholars.
  • You will also be assigned an Honors Mentor to help facilitate your success during your first year at the university.

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Honors offers exclusive study abroad opportunities, ranging from one week to one semester. 
  • Honors Scholars are encouraged to participate in cultural events at UNCW and in the Wilmington community. As an Honors student, you will have access to free tickets for cultural events on campus and in the Wilmington area.
  • Honors has several signature events, including lectures, volunteer opportunities, faculty-student socials, and more. 

The Honors College experience is meant to help you develop your own unique story, one that goes beyond test scores or lists of courses. We have students linking water quality with policy, merging art with science and creating documentaries that have already received national recognition. Your story awaits and we cannot wait to help you write it.