Honors Student Media Board

The Honors College has an active and engaged Honors Student Media Board. Under the editorial supervision of Dr. Bill Atwill, the student-driven media team develops the Honors newsletter and arts/literature journal, information for our broadcast systems in the Fisher Student Center "Scholars Lounge," Randall Library, and Honors office, as well as featured information slides and videos for the SeaHawk Channel.


SECOND STORY JOURNAL, the arts and literature publication of UNCW Honors

PERIPLUS, the newsletter that documents news and information from the Honors College past and present.

Second Story and Periplus are also available online, hosted on the reader site ISSUU. Follow this link to see issues of Second Story and Periplus.

Media Board Editors

Martina Litty headshot
Martina Litty

Editor-in-Chief of Second Story


Sidney Wollmuth

Sidney Wollmuth

Editor-in-Chief of Periplus


Logan Prochaska (photo by Autumn River Media)

Megan Travers

Layout Editor for Second Story Journal