Honors Student Organizations

Honors Scholars Association

A group of students dressed in costumes pose at a HSA Service Event.

HSA aims to help students enrolled in the Honors College satisfy their cultural and service requirements set by the Honors College Board. That being said, we are an all inclusive club and welcome all UNCW students. We also encourage fellowship between students and urge members to step into leadership roles both in our organization and outside of it. Being a member of HSA also allows students the chance to network, building connections across the campus. 

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Current HSA Officers

Co-president: Alexa Blair (afb3981@uncw.edu)

Co-president: Savannah Hess (slh3269@uncw.edu)

VP Culture: Jakub Kreuter (jak8730@uncw.edu)

VP Service: Angel Ankrom (ana3308@uncw.edu)

Secretary: Mack Turner (mrt2704@uncw.edu)

Historian: Anna Tedder (dat8453@uncw.edu)

Treasurer: Krystal Byers-Embrey (kb1045@uncw.edu)


Faculty/Staff Advisor: Nikki Kroushl (kroushln@uncw.edu

Membership Requirements

We ask that our members attend our meetings as well as come to our events. That being said, we do not expect you to come to every event; just ones that interest you! We are an all inclusive club, meaning that you do not have to be in the Honors Program to join.

Students interested in joining should email the Co-Presidents.