Honors Advising Resources
Calendar showing Honors advisor availability for Fall 2022.

Note: Schedule is an average week. Holidays/breaks may be exempt.  (Lounge is the Honors Lounge in Randall Library 2006. John's office is attached to the lounge, RL 2006A and he will offer drop-in hours M 12:30-2:30 PM, W 3-5 PM, and R 2-4 PM virtual or in-person unless otherwise noted. Dave and Rebecca will hold hours virtually). All advisors and peer advisors are also available for appointments--please find their contact info below. 

The Honors College offers advising resources for Honors students, including the opportunity to talk to a Peer Advisor or UC Professional Advisor. 

  • How Advising Works in Honors

    Year One (First-Year Student):

    All non-transfer students at UNCW enter as undeclared, first-year students. As an undeclared student, you will be advised by a designated Honors advisor who has a general knowledge of majors, minors, honors curriculum, and University Studies requirements. This advisor will help you explore potential paths, then select classes that help your goals and expand your horizons. You will need to meet with your designated advisor to get a PIN before you are able to register for classes each semester. 

    Once you complete 24 credits at UNCW (usually two semesters) and major-specific requirements, you will can declare your major. Until you declare a major, you will be advised by Honors College generalist advisors. 

    Year Two: 

    Most students declare a major at some point in their second year of college. Declaring a major is non-binding decision; declaring a major will change your advisor to a major-specific advisor. You will meet with that new person each semester to secure your PIN and register for classes. 

    However, major advisors don't always have a perfect understanding of honors requirements. We encourage you to track your own honors progress using tools in the Honors Canvas course. However, you are always (regardless of grade level, major, time of year, etc.) welcome to make an appointment with John Helbig, the full-time academic advisor in Honors. Part of John's job is providing supplemental advising to upper-level students to ensure they stay on track for Honors. 

    Year Three:

    Continue to make progress in your major, finish up University Studies, and some Honors requirements. The Honors advising team is still happy to advise on completing your honors requirements. This is the time to start thinking about your Honors Thesis (Check out HON 399 Thesis Prep Class here!). Still unsure? Make an appointment with Robyn, our Honors Student Services Coordinator, to talk more about your thesis!

    Year Four: 

    Most students complete their honors thesis projects during this year. Honors staff are still happy to help you navigate Honors requirements (including the Honors Thesis). You will primarily meet with your major advisor.

  •  Your Assigned Advisor

    An advisor is someone with whom you can speak at length about your goals, major interests, involvement, and needs. Meeting with your advisor, much like regular checkups with your medical doctor, is critical to academic wellness! (Click here to find out how to determine your advisor.)

    Until you declare a major (after 24-credit hours), you will be assigned an advisor from the Honors College. After you declare your major, you will be reassigned to major advisor, but will still have access to Honors curriculum advising through our Honors Professional Advisor, John Helbig. 

    Below are the Honors College advisors as of Fall 2022.

    Below are the Honors College advisors as of Fall 2022:

    Table of Honors Advisors

    Dr. Shawn Bingham, Director of the UNCW Honors College


    Dr. Eva Mehl, Assistant Director of the UNCW Honors College




    Dr. Shawn Bingham

    Director of Honors and Faculty in Sociology



    Dr. Eva Mehl

    Associate Director of Honors and Faculty in History


     Mr. John D. Helbig

    Professional Advisor in Honors


    Make an appointment!

    a blonde woman smiling

    Profile photo of Maggie Bannon. 

     Rebecca Stultz headshot

    Robyn Smith

    Honors Student Services Coordinator and Advisor


    Make an appointment! 

    Ms. Maggie Bannon

    College of Arts and Sciences Staff


    Ms. Rebecca Stultz

    Part-Time Honors Advisor 


      A headshot of Dr. Arthur Frampton, an academic advisor for Honors students.



    Dr. Nathaniel Grove, Director of CSURF


    Dr. Arthur Frampton

    Biology & Marine Biology Faculty


    Dr. Nathan Ragain

    Honors Visiting Lecturer & Bruce Scholar


     Dr. Nathaniel Grove

    Director of CSURF and Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty



    A red-haired man in front of greenery


    Mr. David McNamara

    Part-Time Honors Advisor




     Mr. Trae Toler

    English & Honors Faculty



    Peer Advisors

    Although peer advisors and Honors advisors can be extremely helpful with the details of honors requirements, your main academic advisor is the only one who has access to your PIN.

    Peer advisors provide the perspective and experience of an older student in the College and help support students with common questions and challenges to completing requirements for graduation.

    Peer advisors can help if…

    • you have questions about the Honors curriculum requirements that neither the degree audit nor your primary advisor can answer
    • you would like some advice on the whole thesis process (searching for a topic, finding a mentor, paperwork…)
    • you want to know more about the resources that CSURF (the Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships) has to offer
    • you would like to get further involved with Honors and/or campus activities, clubs and organizations

    You can contact your peer advisors via email to ask questions or set up an appointment. Advisors will be available via Zoom or they can make in-person appointments outside and in other places on campus where social distancing can be practiced. To make an appointment, contact a peer advisor by email:

    Honors Peer Advisors
    Yanni Shaw, Peer Advisor

    yanni shaw headshot


    Hi everyone! My name is Yanni Shaw and I am currently a Senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience and Chemistry. On campus I work as an Academic Achievement Peer Mentor and off campus, I work at an Urgent Care as a Medical Assistant. For fun, I enjoy going to the movies with my friends or relaxing and reading a book. Can't wait to meet you all this year! 

    Drop in Hours during Fall 2022: Mondays & Fridays 8:30-9:30 AM in the Honors Lounge or available on Zoom (passcode 592612). Contact for other appointments. 

    Hannah Horowitz, Peer Advisor

    Hannah smiling against teal


    Hannah-Valentina Horowitz is a senior Honors college student studying Public Health at UNCW. She has been involved in Student Government since her sophomore year and has worked around campus in leadership development, housing, and transition programs throughout her time here. She currently serves as Student Body President and is working on her Honors Thesis Project (HON 499) starting Fall 2023. She has served as a Peer Advisor for Honors since Fall 2021.

    Drop in Hours during Fall 2022: Wednesdays, 8:00-10:00 A.M. in the Honors Lounge or available on Zoom (passcode Bu29jb). Contact for other appointments. 

    Chloe Ennis, Study Skills Mentor

    Woman smiling at camera

    Chloe is a Wilmington, North Carolina native. She graduated with her Bachelor's of Social Work from UNCW in May 2022 and is enrolled in the Advanced Standing Master of Social Work program. Chloe is currently an Academic Peer Mentor at the University Learning Center on campus, where she helps students improve their academic success. Chloe is passionate about assisting students in succeeding in their educational goals. Chloe's long-term goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, where she can provide theraputic partnership with her clients to help them reach their goals. Chloe enjoys going to the beach, cooking, and listening to live music in her free time. 

    During Fall 2022, Chloe will have drop-in study skills mentoring in the Honors College from 2-4 PM on Wednesdays in the Honors Lounge.


  • Professional Advisor(s)

    If you're looking for advice on major exploration or University Studies classes, or have other questions better answered by a professional advisor, you can reach out to John Helbig or Ms. Rebecca Stultz.  

    Honors Professional Advisors
    Mr. John D. Helbig

    John was born and raised in New Jersey by his wonderful mother, who came over from Colombia in her twenties. He originally studied to be a math teacher, but has found joy in empowering students to reach their goals and beyond, through support, advising, resources, and relationship-building. He recently came over from South Africa, where he worked as the Student Learning Director for a non-profit organization.

    He has had the opportunity to travel to various countries for different reasons; He enjoys exploring (particularly the outdoors). Other interests include reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, gardening, loving on cats, meditating, and playing volleyball.

    John has a caseload of first-year students as primary advisees and also advises upper-level Honors students who have declared their major and need additional advice on Honors requirements during their later years of college. 

    You can schedule an appointment with John through Starfish, email helbigj@uncw.edu ,or call 910-962-2929. Or stop by his office attached to the Honors Lounge in Randall Library 2006.  

    John's Fall 2022 drop-in hours are M 12:30-2:30 PM, W 3-5 PM, and R 2-4 PM virtual or in-person unless otherwise noted

    Ms. Rebecca Stultz
    Rebecca Stultz headshot

    Rebecca Stultz (B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University and M.Ed. in Education Counseling from Boston University) comes to us with a vast experience as a professional advisor. Rebecca has been advising freshmen and sophomore students for 20 years, 14 of those at UNCW, where she has also been teaching UNI 101 since her arrival in 2006. She particularly enjoys helping students try to find their place and develop their identity as college students. If you are still undecided or you are considering a second major, you can benefit from talking with Rebecca about exploring combinations of majors with minors or double majors that fit your interests and goals. Rebecca can also answer questions about Degree Works and Honors requirements. She has also worked previously as an individual, marital, and family therapist, so if you just need to chat with someone, she will be happy to meet with you as well.

    Ms. Stultz will have drop-in hours weekly during Fall 2022 1:30-2:30 PM on Tuesdays and 12-1 PM on Wednesdays virtually. If you are unable to meet with her during one of these times, you can email her ( stultzr@uncw.edu ) and she’ll schedule an alternate time to meet.

    Mr. David McNamara


    David McNamara is a writer and teacher from Boston. After earning an MFA at the University of Massachusetts, he worked in the English Department as a Lecturer and Academic Advisor. He's also taught writing courses at Jefferson University and Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. David is interested in working with incoming Freshmen (particularly first-generation college students) and helping them navigate the transition to college life. He has many years of experience in helping Freshmen get connected with campus resources to help them succeed and grow. Prior to his academic life, David worked in the concert business as a sound engineer and production manager and is more than happy to talk about music during an advising session. 

    Mr. McNamara will have drop-in hours for Fall of 2022 Fridays 10-12 on Zoom. If you are unable to make these hours or an appointment during the available block, please email mcnamarada@uncw.edu


  • Non-Academic Advising in Honors


Non-Academic Advisors
Morgan Nunes, Mental Health GA

Morgan is originally from Smithfield, Virginia, a small town known for its bacon! She transferred to UNCW in 2018 and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work this past May and is now enrolled in the Advanced Standing MSW program. In her undergraduate studies, she interned at GLOW Academy, an all-girls charter school focused on providing a college preparatory education to historically oppressed populations and first-generation college students. She loved her experience with these students and found a passion for incorporating creativity into sessions as well as practicing trauma-informed care. Her long-term goal is to continue my education and become a certified art therapist and one day own a practice. In her free time, she enjoys painting, drawing, journaling, and reading, and has recently started to crochet. She also loves to cook, take trips to the beach, and watch documentaries.

Morgan offers one-on-one and group mental health advising for all students in Honors. Apointments with Morgan (in-person & virtual) can be made with her using this link or drop-in times during her office hours are available MW 9-5 and T 9-2. Email mjn9327@uncw.edu for more information.

Robyn Smith, Departmental Honors Thesis Advising

Robyn Smith is a Wilmington, North Carolina native and a three-time alum of UNCW. They graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in French, in 2019 with a Master of Arts in English, and in 2022 with a Post-Baccalaurate Certificate in Gender Studies. Robyn's long-term goal is to remain in higher education and improve the quality of education and student services for marginalized students. 

Robyn offers drop-in thesis advising on Tuesdays from 3-4 PM and Thursdays from 9-11 AM and by appointment. Click here to make an appointment with Robyn.