Honors College

Student Honors Advisory Council

Pizza with Professors

The Student Honors Advisory Council or SHAC is a student-lead leadership organization that evaluates applications for incoming Honors students, helps coordinate events with HSA, and sets up student-faculty events called Pizza with Professors.

SHAC serves as the voice of the Honors College students to the faculty as well as a resource for students. SHAC also plays a role in determining the function and organization of the Honors College as requested by students and faculty. Members of the Student Honors Advisory Council are expected to be driven and attentive academic leaders. 

Current SHAC Officers

President: Lucy Keller

Vice President: Cole Tillett

Secretary: Emma Stiles

Membership Requirements

An active member of SHAC must attend two meetings a semester minimum. A member will bring food for, set up, clean up, or attend every Pizza with Professors. Students are also expected to contact professors for these events and will be asked to work various honors events as needed. 

Students interested in joining can pick up an application in the Honors Office and turn it in to the Honors front desk. You can also email President Lucy Keller if you have any questions at llk2661@uncw.edu.

Membership Application Here


SHAC meets on an as-needed basis. Please email President Lucy Keller at llk2661@uncw.edu for information on when the next meeting is.